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1st day of Kindergarten

Date: Monday July 16, 2012
Time: 10:00 PM
Mood: Proud/Excited,
Current Nickname: Wonderful Wesley

So we started doing chores and allowance with Wesley. He has to put away his laundry everyday clear the table after dinner and make sure there aren't towels or clothes on the bathroom floor or a messy sink after his shower every night. Today when he got all 3 of his check marks he says to me "Chores are awesome!" gotta love that! :)

Today was Wesley's first day of kindergarten. He had a wonderful time. We started off by picking out his clothes the night before and this morning before breakfast he got himself completely dressed to his shoes without being asked (he is really good a;bout that in general)and we did our usual morning routine of reading his devotional at breakfast, and then the boys watched gun videos on Daddy's ipad. After breakfast (cinnamon roll and banana) we went out front and took photos with the signs we made yesterday (I had to choke back tears). Then Jeannine came by and dropped off the girls (I've taken on a job of babysitting for her Monday-Thursday while she is at work). The kids played for awhile and we got a few more pictures at home had a quick lunch and headed off to school. Nick took the day off work to go with us which was nice because he helped me with navigating the crowds with 4 kids and got some nice photos for us. Plus I know it means a lot to Wesley to have us both there with him. He lined up with his class outside by the playground and carried his bag of treasure box donations to share with the class inside. He found a seat and then Jeremiah and I went in to kiss him goodbye while Nick stayed out with the other kids. Wesley proudly told me that he had handed the bag of items to his teacher and I gave him a hug and kiss and reminded him to be brave, be strong and do everything in love. Then I started to tear up so I quickly told Jeremiah to say goodbye and we hurried out of there so I wouldn't cry in front of Wesley. During the 3 hours he was in school we went to Walmart to get some camping stuff and Jeremiah kept asking me "where is Wesley?" A few times I turned to talk to Wesley and then realized oh yeah he's not here, he's in school!! lol. We had a snack at home while Jeremiah and Sophia were down for a nap although Jeremiah didn't really nap. Nick, Michele and I played a round of skipbo and then Jer and Michele played for a bit and before we knew it it was time to head back to school and pick him up. The parking lot was crazy at pickup time. So many cars that people were parking in the dirt outside the school and even in the neighborhood around it. We decided that Nick would stay in the car with the kids and I would run in and get Wesley. When I arrived he was seated nicely at his desk with his backpack on and lunchbox handy waiting for me. I asked his teacher if I could take his pic and she said yes. I gave him a big hug and kiss told him I had missed him and asked if he had a good day. He had and he was all smiles! I talked to the teacher for a moment and asked how he had done. She said he was great but that he is a talker (to her, not the other kids) and forgot to raise his hand. I asked if he was obedient overall and she said yes. Nick and I have been practicing with him to have him raise his hand to speak when he is at school but apparently he was so excited he forgot. When we were walking back to the car I asked him if he saw the surprise I put in his lunchbox and he said yes, I asked him what it was and he said it was a picture. I asked him what did it say? and he said it said I love you! :) When we reached the van and the doors opened up for him to get in everyone cheered an excited hello to him and we headed off to meet our dear friends the Tatons for DQ ice cream at their house. So cool that Tab started kinder today too so they could celebrate together. When asked what he liked best about Kindergarten he said everything and then said eating snack at the park(I think he meant playground). When asked what he didn't like he said "nothing". He also said repeatedly that "kindergarten rocks!" which is a quote from a book we've been reading called kindergarten rocks. :) Upon checking his backpack we discovered that he has 2 worksheets for homework (with no due date so I am assuming he has the week to complete those) as well as a "personality bag" to fill and bring back in to share with is class tomorrow. He had fun filling his bag and chose to bring a small soccer ball, because he says he likes sports. A transforming spiderman, since he loves transformers and superheroes. A plastic army man because he likes their helmets. And the item he chose first a small pocket Bible (that we gave him as a starting school gift earlier this morning at breakfast along with a couple wwjd bracelets btw) because he loves to learn Jesus' words. We love you so much Wesley! We are so proud of the big kid you are now, and are so blessed with you!!


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1st shower

Date: Saturday June 9, 2012
Time: 9:27 PM
Mood: Big kid,
Current Nickname: Wonderful Wesley

Wesley has been taking swimming lessons and he is loving it.
He starts kindergarten in July.
He can now buckle himself into his booster seat in the car and he helps me make lunches and dinners and helps a lot around the house with chores and with Jeremiah he is such a great big brother. He loves Church and loves learning about Jesus. He wears a wooden Jesus fish necklace he won at Easter most days and talks about saving it for when he has kids. He has been praying that God will give him twin sons when he is grown up and that they will be named Jason and Jeffrey. Today when Jeremiah went down for a nap Daddy stayed home to work on organizing the garage while Wesley and I went shopping. We picked out a shower curtain rod/curtain/hooks and hand towels for the boys' bathroom since we want Wesley to start taking showers now instead of baths since he is getting older. After dinner Nick gave the boys haircuts and Wesley got to take his very first shower. He loved it! He turned off the shower by himself and brushed his teeth and got all ready for bed and kept saying that taking a shower was so much fun and asking if he will get to take another shower tomorrow and cheered when we said yes, you will always shower now. He feels like such a big kid, especially since Jeremiah has to still take baths.
love our wonderful Wesley. He is such a blessing in our lives xoxox


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Dead fish

Date: Thursday January 5, 2012
Time: 7:06 PM
Mood: disappointed,
Current Nickname: wonderful wesley

ok so it has been entirely too long since my last entry! I get caught up posting on facebook now a days. my goal this year is to keep up with all the sentimentals where it will be easy to find them later so to start with here's what happened today....6 days ago I took Wesley to Petco to pick out a goldfish (we ended up getting 2)

He earned it as a reward for working so hard at thinking of others before himself. Earned his last of 30 stickers to get the goldfish about 2 weeks ago. :) We considered Betas I had one growing up. Wes looked at them but was set on a goldfish. I gave him a choice of any goldfish in the store once he settled on those and tried to direct him to the fancy goldfish thinking they would live longer but he was set on the feeder ones.

I think it is funny that they gave me a 30 day warranty on the fish when they cost about a quarter each!



He named the fish Ollie and Furry! Furry is the speckled one and Ollie is the all orange one. He picked out Ollie first but Furry got named first.

Ollie was always a little skittish and would hide behind the plant or cave in the tank. If he was eating and you approached he would stop eating, so I've been worried about him since we brought him home. He seemed fine at the store... Anyway I went to feed the fish today while Jeremiah was napping and found Ollie floating upside down at the top of the tank. Wesley handled it well. He was on the office computer so I called him over and said I have some bad news one of your fish died. He saw the fish and watched me scoop it out and we went to the bathroom and he shook it out of the net and flushed him down. No tears but he was disappointed. We put the other one in some fresh water so I could clean the tank and he hugged the measuring cup it was in (one of those big pyrex ones) and said "Furry, I know youre sad but we'll get you a new brother soon." So I guess now we have to go get a new fish!

I'm so proud of my big boy for handling it so well.
Love you Wesley!


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