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1st day of Kindergarten

Date: Monday July 16, 2012
Time: 10:00 PM
Mood: Proud/Excited,
Current Nickname: Wonderful Wesley

So we started doing chores and allowance with Wesley. He has to put away his laundry everyday clear the table after dinner and make sure there aren't towels or clothes on the bathroom floor or a messy sink after his shower every night. Today when he got all 3 of his check marks he says to me "Chores are awesome!" gotta love that! :)

Today was Wesley's first day of kindergarten. He had a wonderful time. We started off by picking out his clothes the night before and this morning before breakfast he got himself completely dressed to his shoes without being asked (he is really good a;bout that in general)and we did our usual morning routine of reading his devotional at breakfast, and then the boys watched gun videos on Daddy's ipad. After breakfast (cinnamon roll and banana) we went out front and took photos with the signs we made yesterday (I had to choke back tears). Then Jeannine came by and dropped off the girls (I've taken on a job of babysitting for her Monday-Thursday while she is at work). The kids played for awhile and we got a few more pictures at home had a quick lunch and headed off to school. Nick took the day off work to go with us which was nice because he helped me with navigating the crowds with 4 kids and got some nice photos for us. Plus I know it means a lot to Wesley to have us both there with him. He lined up with his class outside by the playground and carried his bag of treasure box donations to share with the class inside. He found a seat and then Jeremiah and I went in to kiss him goodbye while Nick stayed out with the other kids. Wesley proudly told me that he had handed the bag of items to his teacher and I gave him a hug and kiss and reminded him to be brave, be strong and do everything in love. Then I started to tear up so I quickly told Jeremiah to say goodbye and we hurried out of there so I wouldn't cry in front of Wesley. During the 3 hours he was in school we went to Walmart to get some camping stuff and Jeremiah kept asking me "where is Wesley?" A few times I turned to talk to Wesley and then realized oh yeah he's not here, he's in school!! lol. We had a snack at home while Jeremiah and Sophia were down for a nap although Jeremiah didn't really nap. Nick, Michele and I played a round of skipbo and then Jer and Michele played for a bit and before we knew it it was time to head back to school and pick him up. The parking lot was crazy at pickup time. So many cars that people were parking in the dirt outside the school and even in the neighborhood around it. We decided that Nick would stay in the car with the kids and I would run in and get Wesley. When I arrived he was seated nicely at his desk with his backpack on and lunchbox handy waiting for me. I asked his teacher if I could take his pic and she said yes. I gave him a big hug and kiss told him I had missed him and asked if he had a good day. He had and he was all smiles! I talked to the teacher for a moment and asked how he had done. She said he was great but that he is a talker (to her, not the other kids) and forgot to raise his hand. I asked if he was obedient overall and she said yes. Nick and I have been practicing with him to have him raise his hand to speak when he is at school but apparently he was so excited he forgot. When we were walking back to the car I asked him if he saw the surprise I put in his lunchbox and he said yes, I asked him what it was and he said it was a picture. I asked him what did it say? and he said it said I love you! :) When we reached the van and the doors opened up for him to get in everyone cheered an excited hello to him and we headed off to meet our dear friends the Tatons for DQ ice cream at their house. So cool that Tab started kinder today too so they could celebrate together. When asked what he liked best about Kindergarten he said everything and then said eating snack at the park(I think he meant playground). When asked what he didn't like he said "nothing". He also said repeatedly that "kindergarten rocks!" which is a quote from a book we've been reading called kindergarten rocks. :) Upon checking his backpack we discovered that he has 2 worksheets for homework (with no due date so I am assuming he has the week to complete those) as well as a "personality bag" to fill and bring back in to share with is class tomorrow. He had fun filling his bag and chose to bring a small soccer ball, because he says he likes sports. A transforming spiderman, since he loves transformers and superheroes. A plastic army man because he likes their helmets. And the item he chose first a small pocket Bible (that we gave him as a starting school gift earlier this morning at breakfast along with a couple wwjd bracelets btw) because he loves to learn Jesus' words. We love you so much Wesley! We are so proud of the big kid you are now, and are so blessed with you!!


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1st shower

Date: Saturday June 9, 2012
Time: 9:27 PM
Mood: Big kid,
Current Nickname: Wonderful Wesley

Wesley has been taking swimming lessons and he is loving it.
He starts kindergarten in July.
He can now buckle himself into his booster seat in the car and he helps me make lunches and dinners and helps a lot around the house with chores and with Jeremiah he is such a great big brother. He loves Church and loves learning about Jesus. He wears a wooden Jesus fish necklace he won at Easter most days and talks about saving it for when he has kids. He has been praying that God will give him twin sons when he is grown up and that they will be named Jason and Jeffrey. Today when Jeremiah went down for a nap Daddy stayed home to work on organizing the garage while Wesley and I went shopping. We picked out a shower curtain rod/curtain/hooks and hand towels for the boys' bathroom since we want Wesley to start taking showers now instead of baths since he is getting older. After dinner Nick gave the boys haircuts and Wesley got to take his very first shower. He loved it! He turned off the shower by himself and brushed his teeth and got all ready for bed and kept saying that taking a shower was so much fun and asking if he will get to take another shower tomorrow and cheered when we said yes, you will always shower now. He feels like such a big kid, especially since Jeremiah has to still take baths.
love our wonderful Wesley. He is such a blessing in our lives xoxox


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Dead fish

Date: Thursday January 5, 2012
Time: 7:06 PM
Mood: disappointed,
Current Nickname: wonderful wesley

ok so it has been entirely too long since my last entry! I get caught up posting on facebook now a days. my goal this year is to keep up with all the sentimentals where it will be easy to find them later so to start with here's what happened today....6 days ago I took Wesley to Petco to pick out a goldfish (we ended up getting 2)

He earned it as a reward for working so hard at thinking of others before himself. Earned his last of 30 stickers to get the goldfish about 2 weeks ago. :) We considered Betas I had one growing up. Wes looked at them but was set on a goldfish. I gave him a choice of any goldfish in the store once he settled on those and tried to direct him to the fancy goldfish thinking they would live longer but he was set on the feeder ones.

I think it is funny that they gave me a 30 day warranty on the fish when they cost about a quarter each!



He named the fish Ollie and Furry! Furry is the speckled one and Ollie is the all orange one. He picked out Ollie first but Furry got named first.

Ollie was always a little skittish and would hide behind the plant or cave in the tank. If he was eating and you approached he would stop eating, so I've been worried about him since we brought him home. He seemed fine at the store... Anyway I went to feed the fish today while Jeremiah was napping and found Ollie floating upside down at the top of the tank. Wesley handled it well. He was on the office computer so I called him over and said I have some bad news one of your fish died. He saw the fish and watched me scoop it out and we went to the bathroom and he shook it out of the net and flushed him down. No tears but he was disappointed. We put the other one in some fresh water so I could clean the tank and he hugged the measuring cup it was in (one of those big pyrex ones) and said "Furry, I know youre sad but we'll get you a new brother soon." So I guess now we have to go get a new fish!

I'm so proud of my big boy for handling it so well.
Love you Wesley!


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sunday school lesson

Date: Sunday May 1, 2011
Time: 7:15 PM
Mood: loved,
Current Nickname: cowboy-super wesley

Today in Sunday school Wesley learned the song this little light of mine. He made cute little puppets on Popsicle sticks of his hands and a stick figure Wesley and sang me the song a couple times. At bath time tonight he was singing the song again and I asked him if he knew what it meant. He did. He said it was about Jesus and that Jesus lives in his heart and his light shines for Jesus in his heart because he loves him. I am so proud of him! Jeremiah started to annoy Wesley by scooting backwards in the tub into his space and Wes was so cute he said "Mommy, Jeremiah is trying to put the light out in my heart." made me laugh so hard! He is so sweet and I love him so much!


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quick note

Date: Thursday April 14, 2011
Time: 10:42 AM
Mood: relaxed,
Current Nickname: wes

SO I realize I haven't written in a while I plan to come back with a more detailed update soon but just wanted to jot down a quick note before I forget. All morning Wesley has been pretending to be a Knife (Knight) wearing a knights helmet and some gardening gloves and roller skates! He said that is what knight's wear anyway now he is watching the sword in the stone for the first time and I wish I had taken a photo of the way he dressed up but I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom so if he does it again I will be sure to whip out the camera, He is so cute! Love you Wesley!!


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Date: Thursday January 6, 2011
Time: 10:44 AM
Mood: lazy,
Current Nickname: wes

"cakes not good. for you, they're only for birthdays when you eat them, when birthdays come up, mommy." Wesley 3 and a half.


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Love you Wes

Date: Monday November 29, 2010
Time: 6:42 PM
Mood: loved,
Current Nickname: pumpkin noodle

Just a quick few things Wes did today:

Brought me a mr. potato head mouth of teeth with one black and said "Mommy,look he has a cavity!"

Jeremiah patted his head and Wesley said "Jeremiah, stop petting me, I'm not a DOG!!"

While watching Dora he said "I don't know what I'm going to be when I grow up, what am I going to be?" I told him I didn't know but he could pray about it and ask God to reveal His plan for his life to him and direct him on His path. So we prayed together it was really sweet!


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My smart boy

Date: Thursday October 14, 2010
Time: 9:43 PM
Mood: sleepy,
Current Nickname: Pumpkin

It was pretty windy out when we were driving today and I had the window down. Wesley asks me as a bird flies past "Mom, does the wind slow the birds down?" I love the questions he comes up with. And it's better than his backseat driving "Mom the light is green DRIVE!!!" (the second the green arrow appears)
Another cute thing from Wesley today: He woke up from his nap and I was sitting in his room holding him(he is always cuddly when he wakes up and I love it)anyway suddenly he says in a very upset voice "mom my hand sparkles,ow" I was confused and asked him "what do you mean, is there glitter on it?" He got so upset and was clearly frustrated that I didn't understand. His hands were shaking a bit so I was starting to get worried that it was some neurological symptom and asked him "do you mean your hands are shaking?" "NO!" and he opens his hand and looks at it and says again "it's sparkling!"

Finally I noticed he had lines on his arm from how he was sleeping and I said "Oh, it's not sparkling it feels tingly because you were laying on top of your arm while you were asleep. The blood couldn't get through as well when you were laying on your arm so the blood was flowing slow and now that you are awake and off your arm the blood is flowing to your hand fast again and that's why it tingles it was just asleep, don't worry it's not dangerous you will feel better soon." He says "Oh my blood was going slow, but what makes the sparkles?" And before I could really answer he says "I know Jesus makes the sparkles!" "now my blood isn't slow anymore!" I thanked him for being patient and not getting too frustrated so he could explain to me what he meant by sparkles and he agreed that he felt better talking about it. I Love that he made the connection that Jesus made all things and we talked about how Jesus created his body and his blood and designed how all things work inside of us.

A little while later we were eating some oven fries and he said "Wow, the french fries stopped my sparkles!" It was so cute but I reminded him that his hand felt better because the blood was flowing to it again and it was just a coincidence that he was eating french fries! He is so cute! and so smart! We read his body book at bedtime tonight. I think it is really neat how interested he is in muscles and how the body works he is always asking questions about things like that and so funny without meaning to he made a joke at Jeremiah's expense tonight. We were reading about the brain and he says "and Jeremiah doesn't have a brain" Of course we told him he DOES!


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Date: Tuesday October 12, 2010
Time: 12:03 PM
Current Nickname: LITTLE GUY

"MMM I like soup water mom" (Broth)

Nick and Wesley made some yummy cookies tonight!
Sunday at 7:24pm

I feel like the worst mom alive, I accidentally hit Wes in the head with a tape measure ( a big one) thank God he is alright. It was a hard hit. He is so sweet about it though "It's ok mom, it was an accident."
October 6 at 8:12am

Went to the eye dr. Wesley's vision is pretty much perfect, I learned my left eye is doing most of the work but the Dr. said I didn't HAVE to start wearing glasses if I don't want too...I didn't think they usually give you a choice!
October 5 at 12:55pm

Had fun with Wesley tonight hanging out at Peter Piper Pizza for Marcus' birthday. We got to ride a roller coaster together, it was so fast I can't believe he kept asking to ride it again!
October 3 at 9:21pm

playing with play doh and watching Wes sing and dance to Alvin and the Chipmunks on Pandora radio while Jer naps. I love afternoons at home with my boys!
September 20 at 3:19pm

Great day with the boys everyone's feeling better, took them to play at the mall, ran into a friend and Jer tried to escape the playzone. Tried to buy Wes some new sandals (he wore mismatched flip flops today!) He is so picky he didn't like ANY of the shoes at the mall. Spent $3 on a Wetzels Pretzel (Wes' fave food) when we got home Wes asks "Mom, what are we gonna do today?" Apparently that wasn't enough!
September 14 at 12:59pm

Wesley asked me when we would see Christmas lights again (wow he remembers last Christmas!) I explained to him it's not for a couple more months and asked him if he remembered what Christmas is about. He said "Christmas lights!!" When I said "No, it's Jesus' birthday." He laughed at me and said "You're silly mommy!" Looks like we will be having a few more talks about that before Christmas rolls around this year.
September 9 at 12:17pm

At breakfast this morning Wesley was talking to me about what it means to be married. After I explained. I added in "And once you are married that's it, you can't change your mind halfway through so you have to make a good decision and follow what God says it's not good to get a divorce." He responds with "Or you will put me in timeout!" LOL
September 4 at 8:06am

Fun watching Sid the Science Kid with Wesley.
August 31 at 11:41am

The boys are loving watching a cement truck in action and up close, Neighbors across the street are building a new fence, even Jeremiah laughed at the sight of the truck! Wesley keeps running back and forth from the kitchen table where he has his lunch to the living room window so he can sneak a peek!Taking the morning off from step class and enjoying a mother/son morning out to the Zoo. Have to renew our membership there and break in the new wagon anyway :) Hope everyone has a great Monday and an even better week ahead!
August 30 at 7:49am

Wesley is really testing me today, and Jeremiah is testing the limits of his strength he picked up a 5 pound weight! definitely need to move that to a more secure location!
August 26 at 9:04am

Had a fun weekend, Samantha's birthday on Saturday at Lucky Strike so Wesley got to experience bowling for the first time, Sunday went out with Nick while mema and g-pa babysat. We checked out the Bodies exhibit downtown and then went out to a nice dinner. Hope everyone else had a good weekend too!
August 16 at 6:35am

How did this day get here so fast? Wesley is barely 3 and suddenly callinig us "Mom" and "Dad." What happened to Mommy and Daddy?!?!
August 15 at 1:17pm

Wes keeps asking me to teach him to tie his shoes, we came across a wooden shoe that is supposed to be good for practicing while out at Kohl's today so we're giving it a go!
August 10 at 10:47am

August 30 at 11:59am


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3 year well check

Date: Tuesday August 10, 2010
Time: 2:30 PM
Mood: sleeping on the couch ,
Current Nickname: pumpkin pie

Yesterday Wesley and Jeremiah went in for their 3 year and 1 year checkups. Wesley got to stand on the scale and stand up to be measured this time. He came in at 35 pounds and 37 and 3/4" tall that's 75th% for weight and 50th% for height. He also had his blood pressure taken for the first time and I believe it was 86/40. They said it was good. Wesley was really intrigued by the blood pressure cuff because he has a toy one at home. He got 2 shots in his arm a prevenar booster and an additional Hep a or b shot.
Wesley was so cute he was very brave during his shots and then as soon as he laid eyes on the bandaid his lip started to quiver and he was full on crying! I think he thought that if he was getting a bandaid he must be in pain! I also filled out a development questionairre on him for ages 2-4 and he scored 100% all right on it! Questions on there were things like what do you do when you are tired? He answered naptime. What is a cup used for? Naptime. He had to identify at least 2 colors he got all 4 then point to my ears, nose, hair, lips etc. see if he could jump both ways over a piece of paper. If he could hand me one of something when asked. If he knew which animal made which sounds, and if he could draw a straight line. We really enjoyed seeing our dr. too. she is such a nice woman, and really good with both our boys. I talked to her a bit about getting a bunkbed and how we decided we weren't having anymore children. She talked with Wes about his birthday and his big birthday donut and his love of trains. Jeremiah's appointment went equally well He came in perfectly healthy and on track for his development as well, praise God1
Some cute things Wes has said/ done lately:
A few days ago I got out the broom and started to sweep and Wesley says to me " ahh don't clean me mommy, don't throw me in the trash!" He's always had an issue with the vacum cleaner but not the broom, hmm must just been acting silly. Today we stopped to get gas in the van and he says "just drive slowly mommy that will fix it."
When being served eggs for breakfast "that will turn my eyes yellow!"

That's about all I can think of right now, oh wait Wesley has been asking to learn to tie his shoes so we bought a wooden shoe to practice on with some birthday money he had today and are giving that a go. He is asleep on the couch right now and Jeremiah is napping in his crib.


From: mommy
Posted On: Tuesday August 10, 2010 at 2:31 PM

opps I meant to say he said a cup is to drink water

xoxo Wesley

Date: Tuesday July 20, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM
Mood: .,
Current Nickname: .

I love you so much Wesley. You are such a light in my life! I'm sorry I don't appreciate you more sometimes. I feel like I expect too much of you and have to remind myself you are only 3 years old. You are so smart and so capable and so helpful and loving. I love how you always want to do what is right even though it frustrates me sometimes when I am in a hurry. I am trying to be more aware of that and slow down. Thank you for being so loving and so wonderful. I am so blessed to have you for my son. You make me so proud! I love how you always tell Jeremiah you love him. And I love how you say it makes you happy when I tell you I love you. xoxox


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Third Birthday!!!

Date: Friday July 2, 2010
Time: 9:38 PM
Mood: Excited,
Current Nickname: Wesley Sprout

Today was such a fun and good day! And it was the last day that Wesley will be 2 years old! We went swimming in the morning with our neighbors/friends Tara and Alex. Wesley wanted to swim without his floaties for the first time and so I let him and had Jeremiah in his turtle boat. He was being so good and content and Wes was doing really well without the floaties so we decided to put them on Jeremiah for the first time and see how he did. I figured he wouldn't be too bothered by them because he is such a go with the flow kind of kid but was very surprised to see that he actually LOVED them! Wesley went under water a few times and kept forgetting to hold his breath. So he wasn't too happy about that but overall he handled it pretty well. He's been doing this thing where he will make himself throwup if he swallows something wrong or doesn't like something he eats. It all started about 2 years ago really when he would throw up if he had ranch dressing or ricotta cheese anyway it's been getting old lately and we are looking forward to him outgrowing it! Anyway my point is he swallowed quite a bit of pool watter and was crying and saying "I need to get it out!" and trying to stick his finger in his mouth to throw up and I said to him "No you don't throw up, it won't hurt you it's ok. If you throw up you are not going swimming again for a week!" and he actually calmed himself down and stopped. Which silly as it sounds is a big thing for him. He usually gets so worked up there is not reasoning with him until he comes out of it on his own. So I am really proud of him for being a big boy! After swimming we went to visit with Michele and aunt Jeannine. That went well except apparently they have some rule that you are only allowed to have 2 visitors so I can't go back again with both kids (they made an exception this ONE time) Which means I can't go back at all. I made sure to give Wesley lots and lots of hugs and kisses and tickles before bed tonight as when he wakes up all 2 year old hugs and kisses from him will be gone forever! :( But he will be 3 years old! How exciting. We have his birthday card and present all laid out for him to open first thing when he wakes up in the morning. and after that we are going to skate country to roller skate for the first time. In the evening our family is coming over for a dinner of Wesley's favorite foods: Pizza, Popcorn and Donuts (instead of cake). Can't wait to celebrate his special day Wesley is such a blessing to us. Thank you Jesus for such an amazing Son!!


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Date: Wednesday May 26, 2010
Time: 9:38 AM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: Wesley

Wes and I had our first official day of at home preschool this morning. It went well and we had a lot of fun. We did a study on the Lord's prayer and then some worksheets going over big and little, more or less, short and tall, and different shapes. He got everything right! We did have some trouble when he had to pick out which dinosaur was different than the others because he didn't want to sit down and think about it.


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Conversation about God with my Wesley pie

Date: Friday May 14, 2010
Time: 8:03 AM
Mood: Wow,
Current Nickname: Wesley Cub

Nick was just leaving for work when Wesley started crying Nick reopened the door and Wes runs into his daddy's arms and says crying I love you! apparently he was too busy playing with his new dr's kit that he didn't realize daddy was leaving for work even though Nick gave him a hug and kiss goodbye so when Nick leaves again Wes tells me "I love you" and I said "I love you too you're special to me."
Wesley then says "and I'm special to daddy." I said "that's right and you're special to Jesus too." Before I knew it we were discussing some pretty big concepts. He asked me "where's Jesus?" I said "He's in heaven watching over us and His Holy Spirit is all around us."

Then Wesley asks "Where's Heaven?" I said "It's where God lives but we can't see it." Followed by "Where's God?" I said "God is in Heave, where He sits on His throne and watches over all His people and hears and answers our prayers."

Next was "Who are his People?" I said "We are, Mommy and Daddy and Wesley and Jeremiah and everyone on the Earth." "Whats the Earth?" I said "it's where we live God Created the Earth and everything in it." and Wesley says "Oh yeah."

What a specail son we have! Which by the way if you call him "son" he says "I not the son (thinking SUN) I yesey (wesley)" I love the way he says his name!!


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my sprout

Date: Wednesday April 21, 2010
Time: 9:41 PM
Mood: sleepy,
Current Nickname: sprouty

I love Wesley so much. He is such a wonderful big brother and a great helper to me as well. Wesley is a very good friend and loves life. I feel so blessed to be his mommy. I love when he comes up to me throughout the day and just for no reason at all other than he wants too says " I love you, mommy!" Every night when we pray he always says thank you for mommy and "jermiah" daddy and "jermiah" I love that he says thank you for Jeremiah twice! Lately Jeremiah has been doing lots of new things. Pulling up to stand is the latest and when I say how cute Jere is of course then Wesley immitates him for attention too which is really sad to me. I don't want Wes to feel as though he has to compete for my attention and I also don't want him to act like a baby when there is so much he should feel proud of himself. I try to acknowledge him as well but sometimes a moment needs to be about Jeremiah alone just as sometimes moments are just about Wes. I hope that I am able to balance giving them each the attention they crave and deserve. Nick took Wesley to the airshow about a month ago now and Wesley is still talking about it this past weekend we drove out near where the airshow was and he started talking about going to the airshow then today at the park we saw some buses at the zoo and Wes was saying they would take him to the airshow! It's too bad the airshow won't be back in Tucson for another 2 years!! At least by then Jeremiah will be old enough to go as well.


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IT's a BOY Thing!

Date: Sunday April 11, 2010
Time: 10:35 AM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: PumpkinBear

I am proud to announce that Wesley is completely pull-up free and has been now since March 26th!! He continues to keep his underwear clean and dry and we haven't had any accidents in the longest time, lately he even races to the bathroom on his own when he knows he has to go (even poopy!) We are so happy for him and proud of him too!

Wesley has been able to get himself dressed for a while now also and seems to have a knack for getting his underwear on backwards much more often than not. Last night we finally figured out why!

Wesley had put on his underwear and was working on his pajamas I was sitting in the rocking chair with Jeremiah in my lap giving him a bottle and Nick was sitting on the footstool attempting to help Wes get dressed. Wesley's underwear were somewhat tucked in but on properly so I had him come over so I could fix them and commented to Nick "He is so cute with a train on hi butt!"

Wesley starts freaking out and saying "my underwear is backwards!" Nick and I look at each other like "he must be crazy they're fine!" We try to explain to Wes that his underwear are on perfectly but he won't stop dancing around pulling at his underwear and whining they are on backwards.

Finally we say "Wesley they are on the right way, with the train on your butt." He whines and frowns and says "No the train on my penis!!" Right then it clicked with us OH that is why he always puts them on backwards he wants the train picture in front!

Cracking up we again try to explain to Wes but he won't have any of it finally we had to resort to letting him pick out a new pair of underwear that did have the train in the front so he could finally finish getting in his pajamas and do our bedtime stories, prayers and tuck in!!


From: aunt sammy
Posted On: Sunday April 11, 2010 at 12:05 PM

omg lol that is sooo funny and i thought they were one the right way to when he needed help in the bathroom at mom and my house,too!!!

Very proud

Date: Saturday March 27, 2010
Time: 6:29 AM
Mood: tired/proud,
Current Nickname: Pumpkin Pie

Yesterday I wanted to get out of the house and do something fun with the boys, we headed to open gym but when we got there we were turned away because it was full. Wesley was really disappointed he had requested going there in the first place and was looking forward to playing with one of his best buds Alex(who was able to get in).

So we went to the zoo instead. Wesley was so well behaved at the zoo and was able to ride the train when we left. The past few trips to the zoo over about two months now he has lost the privilege of riding the train, so glad he finally made it!

When we got home I told him to go "pee pee on the potty." When I went to check on him I found him standing up, peeing nicely into the toilet not all over the bathroom, thank God! I had no clue he knew how to do that. I told Nick who was at work and he said he must have seen him do it at the airshow! Wesley was so proud of his new trick LOL!

After his nap I again had him go to the bathroom and he did. About an hour and a half later right after Nick got home Wesley (who I usually have to tell to go to the bathroom) walked into the bathroom all by himself and not only peed (standing up again) but pooped too (in the little potty this time).

I've been telling him for the past day before hand that when he finally pooped in the potty I would let him watch Caillou (an idea I got from watching Dr. Phil that day). I was so proud and amazed we had daddy and Jeremiah come see what he did and I cleaned him all up and he got to watch Caillou before we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

For dinner he got to have pizza, his favorite and an Oreo cookie stay up late and wear his daddy's Mario shirt to bed. He was so sweet as he was eating his cookie he tells me "wow another special treat for going poopy in the potty." I am so happy I am thanking God he did it and praying he keeps it up so we can finally give up the pull ups!

This morning Wesley and I are going to his art class and then to a church rummage sale while Daddy and Jeremiah stay home. Hoping he keeps his "Thomas and the Trains" (underwear) clean and dry while we are out!


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Jeremiah's Blog

Date: Monday February 8, 2010
Time: 3:16 PM
Mood: napping,
Current Nickname: Brother

Daddy and I have been planning to take you boys to Disneyland and just found out that we are getting a tax refund so we will be getting to go a lot sooner than we thought! We are so excited! I just bought you a mickey mouse digital camera for only 14.00 online and know you will have so much fun taking your own pictures soon. I am hoping to get Jeremiah's blog added to this website soon. For anyone who doesn't know it is at http://blessedwithwes.blogspot.com/


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I love you

Date: Monday February 1, 2010
Time: 1:16 PM
Mood: sentimental,
Current Nickname: Yesey

As I sit here typing I am listening to the sounds of both boys protesting their naps while laying in their beds. For the first time today after I put Wesley down for his nap he got out of bed and came into the living room where I was sitting on the couch watching Rachael Ray and giving Jeremiah his bottle to tell me " I don't want my nap!" Of course He was sent right back to bed and by that time Jeremiah was finished eating and put down in his bed as well. Usually both boys are amazing about just going to bed but for some reason today they are just in there wailing and egging each other on! I don't get it. It's not like I am putting them down any earlier than usual and they are both usually such great sleepers. oooh they are both quiet now yay! :) Yesterday we went up to Sabino Canyon with some friends for a couple of hours and had a picnic in the sand by the creek. It was really nice and relaxing, plus it was Jeremiah's first time aside from when I was pregnant of course! I have been going through a lot lately with my health and have been really scared. It's been about two weeks now since I spent the weekend in the hospital. I am so glad to be back home with my husband and boys.

Wesley you are such an amazing son. You make me so happy and proud to be your mommy! I love the special bond that we share and I will always always love you!!! I have to trust in God that I will be around for many many years even decades to come like I want to be. And I pray that I'll be around to be a grandma to your children. You have no idea how much I've been dreaming about being a grandma since you were born. When you were a baby I would hold you in my arms and sing to you and tell you stories of how you came to be and try to soak in the feeling of holding you and the look on your face when you would smile up at me and try to imagine what it would be like to one day hold your son or daughter and remember holding you.
When I was in the hospital I kept praying to God to let me come home and be a mommy to you boys and be with Daddy. I asked and actually begged God to let me live a long and healthy life and to heal me. I am taking it as a promise from the Lord that I will be here to live a long and healthy life because He sent me home well from the hospital and brought me back to you all. I know the Lord is to thank for everyday whether we are healthy or not. I pray that you and your brother will always remember that Jesus really does love you and He made you both very special. If it wasn't for the Lord hearing and answering prayers Daddy and I wouldn't have you or Jeremiah!!
I believe that God is good and will allow me to be in good health to raise you boys. And if for some reason the Lord has other plans I pray that you and Jeremiah will know that those plans are for good even if it doesn't feel like it. I know it is very hard and sad to grow up without a mother and I pray everyday more than you know that God will not take me from you boys and your daddy. I want with all my heart to be here to raise you and see you grow up and get married and become a daddy. I want to hold your children in my arms and kiss them and tell them stories of your childhood and I want to babysit them and spoil them in the way that only a grandmother can.
I am trusting in God that I will be blessed by Him to do all those things. However if I should pass and not be able too I pray that you will know that I am with Jesus and that I will see you again one day if you just believe in Him and live your life for the Lord. Nothing would make me happier than to know you and Jeremiah are saved. Please no matter what happens in your life live it for the Lord! Don't turn your back on Him who made you! You are not just here by accident. God has a very special plan for your life and for Jeremiah's and you both are miracles. Daddy and I love you so much. We are so proud of you. You bring so much joy to our lives.


From: Brenda
Posted On: Monday February 8, 2010 at 3:28 PM

I was Diagnosed with Limited Scleroderma

my loving boy

Date: Friday January 15, 2010
Time: 4:10 AM
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Current Nickname: Mickey house

I love you I will always love you. You make me so proud. You are a wonderful big brother and such a great helper to me. I have really enjoyed watching you grow into such a sweet little boy. Everyday now you come over to me and say "I love you daisy duck" or "I love you minnie house" When I call you by name you always say "No minnie house, I mickey house" and you always make sure I remember to call Jeremiah "Donald Duck". Even if you are crying or upset. You have really grown to be so compassionate and that just makes me so happy and proud. If you bump into me or anyone you are quick to say "I'm sorry I hurt you" and gently pat where you bumped. And lately you've even begun crawling up next to me and saying "I want to hug you" and just cuddling with me. I pray you will always be loving and warm to those around you and a helper to those in need. Being your mommy is such a joy in my life. I praise God daily for allowing me to be your mom.
Love you Mickey House!!!


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Potty Training Success!!!

Date: Thursday January 7, 2010
Time: 6:50 PM
Mood: excited/proud,
Current Nickname: Mickey House

Wesley has such an imagination now. For the past two days he's been calling himself "Mickey Mouse", Jeremiah "Donald Duck", Nick "Goofy" and me "Minnie Mouse" and sometimes "Daisy Duck." Oh and our house is of course "The Clubhouse." You'd never guess "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is his favorite show, huh? :)
Wesley just pooped on the potty!!!!

Brenda LaPrell OH MY GOSH!!! Wesley was being quiet I went to see what he was up too and found him finishing up using the potty ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I am beyond proud! :)
Yesterday at 1:23pm

Brenda LaPrell I love that Wesley loves to eat Baba ganoush spread on whole wheat toast for lunch! ♥
Yesterday at 12:07pm

Brenda LaPrell So proud of Wes. He decided he wanted to work on potty training again today and so far has stayed dry all day!! He's also been helping me a lot with Jeremiah. He is such a joy!
Tue at 3:28pm

Brenda LaPrell Today Wes was playing his guitar and singing a song he made up called the wesley song (Wesley wesley wesley mumble mumble joy). When he was done he looks at Jeremiah in my arms and says let's sing little brother! (Little brother little brother da da da sssss) So sweet that he's making up his own songs and that he wanted to sing a song for Jeremiah!
December 26, 2009 at 9:55pm

Brenda LaPrell Wesley always pretends to be playing the guitar, usually with a fork (the tines as the strings) now he has his very own real guitar! :)
Wesley singing the ABC's while playing his new guitar! [HQ]
December 25, 2009 at 10:13pm


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quick update compiled clips from facebook

Date: Thursday December 24, 2009
Time: 12:36 PM
Mood: hurried,
Current Nickname: wes-uh-ley

Brenda LaPrell Wesley is wearing an adult sized T-shirt he wore to bed last night. While sitting in the living room he comes up to me and says "Uh oh, where'd my Wesley's hand go!?" then laughed really loud as he pulled it back out of the sleeve! :) So cute to see him discovering tricks like that on his own.
4 hours ago
Brenda LaPrell Wesley tells me "look a scary monster!" so I told him tell it to go away he says "He can't drive!!!" LOL
December 16 at 10:20am
Brenda LaPrell L ♥ ve my boys! Getting dinner prepped while the boys play in the playroom and I hear Wesley telling Jeremiah "I love you Jeremiah." awww so proud!
December 15 at 4:43pm Only Friends · Comment · Like
Brenda LaPrell Heading out to Winterhaven with my three favorite guys♥
December 12 at 5:51pm Only Friends · Comment · Like
Brenda LaPrell
Brenda LaPrell hmm both boys are taking a curiously long nap today, I suppose I should be using the time to catch up on housework but I feel like being a little lazy :)
December 9 at 4:23pm Only Friends
Brenda LaPrell Wesley was so cute this morning pretending to play the violin with his tiny toy guitar under his chin and his toy screwdriver as the bow!
December 8 at 1:54pm Only Friends · Comment · Like
Brenda LaPrell Driving this morning Wesley yells out "look mommy,look mommy a burrito!" I had no idea what he was talking about, finally seeing a mexican food delivery van with tortillas painted on the side. I told him oh those are just tortillas As it pased us he says "come back tortillas,come back!!!!"
December 7 at 12:54pm Only Friends · Comment · Like
Brenda LaPrell Wesley is turning the office lights on and off while Jeremiah smiles and laughs! :)
November 24 at 10:15am Only Friends · Comment · Like
Brenda LaPrell We've been watching Wizard of Oz with Wesley for the past couple nights and each time he says "That's Wesley's favorite movie!!" So cute and so funny because I think it's like the second movie he's EVER seen LOL!
November 21 at 10:30pm Only Friends · Comment · Like
Brenda LaPrell I took a deep breath and let Wesley crack his own eggs while we made breakfast this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see he really didn't do that bad of a job! He was so cute lightly tapping the eggs and then crushing them in his hands. Yolk got all over him but only one piece of shell landed in the bowl and he still had enough to eat. We had fun! :)
November 20 at 9:06am Brenda LaPrell
Wes absolutely loves to help cook! Anything and everything. Anytime I'm in the kitchen he gets excited and wants to be on the step ladder to help. He says "Use the ladder, use the ladder PLEASE!!" And he likes to sing a song from blues clues too ..."mixa, mixa, mixa, poura, poura , poura..." :)
November 20 at 9:11pm ·


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a few things

Date: Tuesday November 17, 2009
Time: 6:33 PM
Mood: sick,
Current Nickname: pumpkin pie

I amazed with my son everyday. I can't believe how bright he is sometimes. Just a little while ago he looks at our(non digital) clock and tells me "Look mommy, it's almost six o'clock!" Really it was about 6:30 but wow was he close!

Nick LaPrell --- Wes was told "No bed time story" today as a punishment (he usually gets 3 short stories before bed). We reminded him at bed time and said our prayers, after which, in a sad voice, he said, "Ok. Only two stories?" Apparently he thought the punishment was to lose one story, and apparently he can do subtraction. I'm proud and a bit scared.

Nick LaPrell ---Just told Wes to keep his fingers off my laptop screen. He came back with "Thats my thumb. THIS is my finger." He's right...

Just today he was starting to act up and I asked him " do you need a consequence?" He was so cute and says " NO, thank you!" :-0)


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November 15

Date: Sunday November 15, 2009
Time: 6:27 PM
Mood: Tired,
Current Nickname: sprouty cub

"Look mommy, I'm cute!"
"No, mommy not the car, that's the truck."
"No, I'm not the baby!"
"mm, that's Wesley's favorite!" (While eating a whole raw mushroom!)
After reminding him that he lost the privilege for his bedtime stories tonight.(For disobeying earlier) He says "ok, just 2 stories." How does a 2 year old know subtraction!!!


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2 cute things today

Date: Tuesday November 10, 2009
Time: 5:16 PM
Mood: loved,
Current Nickname: pumpkin

after lunch today wesley took his fork put it to his shirt and said "my guitar!" and started strumming his fork while singing "Old dan tucker"

While looking at photos of Jeremiah on the computer Wesley starts singing "He's got the little tiny baby in his hands...."


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Date: Saturday November 7, 2009
Time: 9:53 PM
Mood: Loved,
Current Nickname: My Wesley Cub that I Love

This weekend Nick has been away at a men's retreat. The boys and I have had some fun but we miss him!
Today I took the boys to a church yard sale in the morning where all the stuff was free. That was fun. Then we hit Toys R Us and I picked up some skates for Wes. They were half price so I wanted to grab them now even though they are for his Birthday in July. In the evening I took the boys out to dinner at Chipotle. Wes was so cute, he had to throw away all our trash one piece at a time. He even had the full attention of all the other customers as he slowly and very carefully walked out trash over to the can and dumped it in piece by piece! It was a very nice evening. Wesley is such a great helper to me and he really loves being an older brother. While we were out driving today Wesley kept pointing out signs and their shapes. His favorite used to be octagons now it is diamonds. "More diamonds mommy! more diamonds?" Oh and he surprised Nick and I yesterday by making diamond and circle shapes with his hands, today he tried to do an octagon LOL!


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Date: Tuesday November 3, 2009
Time: 1:10 PM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: ready spaghetti

this morning Wes made his toast all by himself!


From: Mommy
Posted On: Saturday November 7, 2009 at 9:57 PM

He can also make chocolate milk, burritos, and PB&J some assistance required here and there...


Date: Wednesday October 28, 2009
Time: 9:06 PM
Mood: loved,
Current Nickname: cute

Wesley just bit through his bottom lip in an attempt to cheer him up I looked for a lollipop but found a ring pop instead after taking one lick he looks up at me and says "mm that's a good octagon!" :)


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It begins...

Date: Tuesday October 13, 2009
Time: 9:44 AM
Mood: sick,
Current Nickname: sprouty

Yesterday for the first time Wesley asked Nick, "why?" he did it two more times after that too, I can't really remember what it was about since we are all sick right now and I had a fever yesterday at the time, I think he was about to stick Nick's shoe in his mouth or something and we said not to do that. Anyway it was cute but I wonder how many more "why's" we will be getting a day now. Wesley speaks so clearly and in such full sentences it is hard to believe he is only 27 months old. For example just this morning Jeremiah sneezed and Wesley said "Bless you Jeremiah, are you ok?" He is such a smart boy and such an amazing big brother. Always checking to make sure Jere is ok and bringing him his pacifier and picking up toys or blankets he drops. He will even tell me if Jeremiah wakes up from a nap or is crying. I am so proud of him for being such a good little boy. We did a potty party for Wesley this weekend (a whole day of potty training based on a party, elmo theme) He spent the morning helping me potty train a doll and then the afternoon potty training. He did really well and by bedtime did not want to take off his big boy underwear. The next day he wasn't feeling too well and wanted to be held a lot and told me he wanted to wear his diaper again so he is back in his diapers for now. I know he gets the potty training and understands what to do but it was so sad we could both tell that although he is intellectually and physically capable he just isn't there yet emotionally. So we are letting him keep the diapers for now and will wait til he is closer to 3 to try again.


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Wesley is such a joy!

Date: Tuesday September 29, 2009
Time: 3:02 PM
Mood: blessed,
Current Nickname: Sprouty cub

I love Wesley so much. He is such a joy in my life. I cry thinking about how much love I have for him and how he is such a special gift from the Lord. I am so proud of Wesley, he has been such an amazing big brother to Jeremiah. Lately I've noticed that Wesley is feeling like I don't give him enough one on one attention and will come up to me, usually while I'm holding Jeremiah already and lift my free arm and snuggle in under it beside me. He doesn't whine or cry for me to put Jeremiah down he just tells me he wants to be cuddled too. It makes me sad because I want to give him all the attention he and I are both used too and proud because he understands that it is ok for me to love Jeremiah also and that he needs to be with me. I try to sneak in alone time with Wes whenever I can but I fear that it will never be enough and that he will doubt my love for him or harbor resentment or jealousy for his brother. But I know that it is in the Lord's hands and it is reassuring to see how much love Wesley has for Jeremiah. I pray they will always have a close bond. Wesley has taken it upon himself to tuck Jeremiah in for his naps, lightly patting him on the back and saying "night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" I'm not sure where he got that from because it's not what I say to him.... but it is ever sweet! Today Wesley was playing a game and singing a song we learned at the library playgroup that Blanca hosts, you sing "who came to play today (Wesley, Wesley) who came to play today (Wesley did) where's (Wesley)? there he is! while hiding under a blanket then came over to Jeremiah who was cradled in my arms (staring up at me with his beautiful blue eyes) asked me if it was ok to do for Jeremiah, I said yes and he gently hid Jeremiah under the blanket and sang him the song! Then me too! It was so sweet to see him thinking of and including his brother. He is a wonderful son and I thank the Lord everyday to be so blessed.


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Proud of Wes

Date: Monday August 17, 2009
Time: 2:41 PM
Mood: proud,
Current Nickname: Big Brother

Wesley is such a sweet boy!
Today I had to take Jeremiah back to the pediatrician's for another weight check. Unfortunately it wasn't the news I was hoping to hear, Jeremiah hasn't gotten back up to his birth weight yet and infact lost an ounce since 10 days ago. I cried talking to the pediatrician because it is pretty emotional for me, I don't want to be harming my son, I love him so much. I really thought that things would be different this time around with breastfeeding but I'm just going to have to accept the fact that I won't be able to make all he needs and he will have to be supplemented too. Anyway I was sitting there crying and Wesley just climbed up on the bench next to me put his arm around me and hugged me. He was so well behaved and just wanted to comfort me. He is such a caring little guy and I feel bad for him worrying about me. I am just so proud of Wesley! The Dr. even commented on how well behaved and smart he is! I love that whenever Wesley hears Jeremiah cry he will say "he's crying!" in a sweet concerned voice and lots of times will offer him his pacifier. At the appointment he watched as Jeremiah was weighed and measured and had his heel pricked for the newborn screening test. He really has his brothers best interest at heart and wanted to be sure no one was harming him. When he sees Jeremiah sleeping he will say to me " wake up " and I have to tell him no, Jeremiah is sleeping! I love that he wants to interact with him so much. Wesley has really amazed me with how accepting he has been about having a baby brother taking up so much of my time. If Jeremiah is in my arms nursing for example, Wesley will crawl up on my lap and sit with us happily but he doesn't try to make me put him down. Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary so since Jeremiah is only 2 weeks old and we aren't ready to leave him to go out yet Nick is going to pick up a pizza from our favorite place on his way home and we rented a movie to watch. We're hoping to go out for a date night though to celebrate soon.


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Wesley is a big brother now!

Date: Thursday August 13, 2009
Time: 10:42 AM
Mood: proud,
Current Nickname: sproutson

Jeremiah Lawrence LaPrell was born on Sunday August 2nd! The day before the induction I cried when I tucked Wesley into bed at night. I realized that that would be the last time He and I would have a quiet moment together before his world changed dramatically. I will always remember tucking him in and how happy he was. I told him how his baby brother would be born the next day and that he would be a big brother and he said "ya!" That next morning we all had to get up early to make it out the door in time. Wes was in a very good mood and happy and we all had donuts for breakfast. He had so much fun playing with his cousin Michele and I gave him a big hug and kiss before we left. I remember he was being so cute trying to put a barbie doll sized cowboy hat on his aunt's cat Chowder's head! Once we got to the hospital we checked in with Jeannine and heard that the kids were having a blast watering plants and rocks outside. Later that evening after Jeremiah was born we called to check in with him at his grandma's house and I told him that he is a big brother now and he said "really?!" it was so sweet! I couldn't help but cry thinking of him and both his daddy and I missed him so much that day! Grandma brought Wesley to the hospital to meet Jeremiah the next morning since it would have been past his bedtime to come that same night. When Wesley saw me with Jeremiah for the first time I was sitting in bed nursing him and right away Wesley could tell that a big change had taken place. He looked at me and said " no , no" and had such a sweet yet sad look on his face. When I told him that the baby was his baby brother Jeremiah and that he had come out of mommy's belly he raised his eyebrows and scrunched his face like he was trying to make sense of it all. After a few moments Grandma took Jeremiah and Wesley was able to crawl up in bed and sit with me. We both had tears in our eyes! I know that Wesley loves his baby brother and that makes me so happy! I love both of my boys so much and I really want them to love each other as well. Shortly after Grandma and Wesley arrived the nurse came in to take Jeremiah for his circumcision, so Daddy and Grandma went with Jeremiah to keep him company and Wesley and I stayed behind and watched cartoons and played with the controls on the hospital bed and just laid together for a while. It was very nice. The next day when Grandma and Wesley came for a visit and to hand Wesley back off to us to go home, Grandma was sitting on the couch holding Jeremiah and I forget what we were talking about exactly but the gist of it was that we hoped Wesley would not be too jealous of Jeremiah and Wesley crawled up next to grandma, looked over at Jeremiah and said over and over "not jealous, not jealous!' So sweet!!! A while later Daddy and Grandma left to take some things to the car and I was alone with Wesley and Jeremiah I stood up and Wesley looked up at me reached his arms in the air and said "I'll help you , I'll help you" meaning he wanted to help me hold Jeremiah! It was so sweet and he was so enthusiastic about it that I just couldn't resist so even though Daddy and Grandma were out of the room I told Wesley to hop up on the bed and sit still I made sure there was a pillow under his arm and placed Jeremiah is his arms. Wesley sat there as still as could be with the proudest smile on his face! He was a big brother!!!! He held Jeremiah and lightly patted his tummy and just smiled and smiled. I know the Lord was enjoying that with me! On the way out of the hospital I had to sit in a wheel chair, the plan was for me to hold Jeremiah as I was wheeled out but Wesley got one look at the wheel chair and really wanted to ride in it too. So both of my boys rode with me out of the hospital! When we got to the car Grandma helped Wesley into his car seat and Daddy buckled in Jeremiah. One of my favorite memories was the look on Wesley's face when he saw his baby brother buckled in next to him and I'm so glad I have a picture of that. On the way home Wesley said over and over "That's OUR baby!" I love that Wesley is so excited to be a big brother he has been such a help to me! He has gotten me wipes and blankets and picked out clothes for Jeremiah to wear. When Jeremiah cries Wesley makes sure to tell us and will go over to him and check on him usually bringing him his pacifier. He has helped wipe Jeremiah when changing his diapers and helped me give him a bottle as well as sing to him. Every night at bedtime he gives him kisses and says goodnight, the first night he said "night night Jeremiah!" He has even called him Jerebear! Oh and it's so cute the other night I was talking to Jeremiah and calling him by one of his nicknames (jereboni macaroni) and Wesley started laughing!I think that is my favorite of his nicknames too! Wesley is such a loving little boy and I know that he is going to be such a wonderful blessing in Jeremiah's life. I pray they will have a strong brotherly bond all their lives. I think it was yesterday but maybe the day before I put Jeremiah down in his crib in the boy's room so I could change Wesley's diaper. When I was done Jeremiah was content and sleeping so I decided to turn off the light and close the door and let him finish his first nap in his crib (he's been sleeping in our room) When Wes saw that I was leaving Jeremiah in the room and closing the door he got so concerned and upset that he cried and pointed to his room and said " baby brother , baby brother!!" He thought I was abandoning him or something! It took a good couple minutes for him to calm down and to let me explain to him that it was ok and his baby brother was just napping, I hadn't forgotten about him!


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more stuff

Date: Saturday August 1, 2009
Time: 8:13 AM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: sproutini

Our last day before the new baby comes, I'm excited, scared and still a little bit in disbelief that it's actually happening! I really really want to meet this little guy but wow 2 kids to take care of, all the time....I hope I can do it well.
The other day Wesley saw me about to pick up some diapers out of the back of the van and he said to me "No mommy, that's too heavy!" SO cute! Then his Daddy asked him if he should carry it instead because it was so cute and he told him no it's too heavy and Nick explained it's ok he's stronger than mom and it is just diapers after all. Wesley helped carry the diapers inside it was cute.
He has begun really playing with his stuffed animals. So far he's put several in his and Jeremiah's high chairs at the table, Monkey has helped sweep, Wolfie has helped color and Mickey mouse and Pooky have ridden on his rocking horse!


From: nick
Posted On: Saturday August 1, 2009 at 7:45 PM

Nick LaPrell Wes just specifically requested the bible in his bed time story line up. I stopped every 20 verses and he kept saying "more!" We made it all the way through John chapter 1. What a sweet little guy.

Just in case I didn't record these earlier it's been a few months....

Date: Wednesday July 22, 2009
Time: 2:01 PM
Mood: energized,
Current Nickname: sproutini magini

Wesley can say Happy birthday and likes to sing the song.
He likes to pretend to play the wii he has his own toy remote for it that we got at the drugstore for about two bucks (it's really a candy dispenser shaped like the remote) He will go and get our scale and put it next to daddy when he is using the wii balance board and copy what dad is doing! He can say Happy easter. At danny and tiffany's wedding wesley kept saying Uncle jesse uncle jesse and shouted out oh no! I took him for a walk and he saw a rock and said "wow, really big!!" His friend Connor loves to look at statues and it rubbed off on Wesley. We were reading him stories at bedtime and he says to us "do 1 more!!"
First sentences:
No mommy,it's mine!
Saya(salem)are you?(where are you)
Oh no I broke it
Wow, really big
Do 1 more!
I love it! Yummy!


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5 things

Date: Tuesday July 21, 2009
Time: 7:26 PM
Mood: tired,
Current Nickname: cubba

1. Surprised us tonight by busting out in song and dance to the Hokey Pokey! As far as I know he hasn't even heard the song for several weeks and I've never really seen him do the moves!!
2. At gym class today he spun the kids on the parachute with the adults and kept right along had such a big smile on his face and helped the teacher put it away too.
3. Says "I'll help you" and lifts his leg for me when I change his diaper
4. Will happily pour me water from the door in the fridge and can do it all by himself! He even brings me my glass and phone when it rings too.
5. Ate 3 bowls of my homemade broccoli cheese soup for lunch today!


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more updates

Date: Monday July 20, 2009
Time: 8:28 PM
Mood: excited,
Current Nickname: sprout about

Well I meant to update this on Wesley's birthday but didn't. On Wesley's birthday nick was home from work because of the company holiday for 4th of July. We woke up at our usual time and gave Wesley his birthday presents from us in the morning while we were all still in our pajamas. He had fun opening his own card and presents this year! We gave him an art easel with a bunch of paint and chalk and such. We had to run a few errands and went and got family photos taken at sears after that everyone (family) came over for dinner at our house. We had hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and Wesley got to blow out his candles with help from Tyreece and opened presents. He loves all his birthday presents but right now his favorites are the sock monkey from Uncle Jason and PlayDoh from Uncle Jesse. The following Sunday Wesley had a joint party with his friend Asher at the children's museum with their friends from Church mostly. At the museum we learned that Wesley LOVES dinosaurs and trains! He had so much fun and they gave him a children's museum tshirt as well. Which he usues to sleep in right now since it is a size 2-4. At Wesley's 2 year checkup he weighed in at 29 pounds! and 34 inches long. They still laid him down to measure him but this time they didn't measure his head circumference. He is in the 25-50th percentile for height and 75th for Weight! Must be all the birthday cake and donuts he has had lately! Wesley is loving his art class and gym class too. We have our last class on July 31st, they won't start up again until mid September. But that is great because it gives us a month and a half or so before we start up again after Jeremiah is born. By the way I went to my OB today I am currently 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant and my dr. gave me an internal exam. We found out atht I've gone from beign completely closed last Monday to being 50% effaced and almost 2 CM dialated today, also Jeremiah's head is nice and low at +2. My Ob is still planning on the August 2nd induction date as my due date is 19 days away but I don't know... With Wesley I was checked at 38 weeks and found to be 70% effaced and 1-2 cm dialated and he was born 5 days later. It really could be anytime now. I think it would be neat to have Jeremiah in July because I am so ready to meet him. BUT I was also looking forward to being induced so that I know who will have Wesley and can know for sure who my dr. and anesthesiologist will be. Plus I'd be able to stop my Heparin in advance. But whatever happens is fine the Lord's will not mine! Wesley surprised me 2 days ago by singing Jesus Loves Me to himself in his bedroom while reading some books. He can now recite his ADAM ADAM book which is too cool. And for 2 nights in a row he has requested I read to him from his Bible at storytime! (as opposed to his bible story or prayer books) He is so cute when he sings Jesus loves me becuse he gives himself a hug. They must have taught him the motions to the song in Sunday school. Wesley has also been big on wanting to take his sock monkey for walks to the mailbox in his doll stroller. Yesterday he insisted on walking his monkey while it was sprinkling rain. I had to bring the umbrella with us! Wesley seems to be doing very well at the parents day out program especially now that Connor is there with him on Thursdays. I started making Wesley some frozen PB&J sandwiches like the uncrustables ones you get in the store and he loves them which is great for me because it saves so much time to just have a bag of those in the freezer for him and he seems to really like them too(strawberry jelly). Nick's mom moved in to her new house so she is now about a mile away from us and that is so great. Wesley has gotten pretty attached to her actually and now calls her "meema" (grandma) I love how when he is at her house he counts as he goes up and down her stairs. aNd he loves to go in her backyard and play even though there are no toys out there yet. Wesley has been liking to lean his head on my belly and lately when I go to tuck him into bed he will lean his head on my belly while I give him a hug it is sweet. I keep telling him he's going to be a big brother soon and I can't wait for him to meet Jeremiah. He can say Jeremiah now too which is so cool. This past weekend and tonight Nick and Jesse have been working on the tile in our master bathroom and it is looking really good! Wesley has enjoyed watching them work and he really wants to help too. He is so cute playing with his tools that Uncle Jason got him for his birthday!


From: ME
Posted On: Monday July 20, 2009 at 8:30 PM

I forgot to add that Wesley got a call from his Papa in Mexico on his birthday and got to talk to him on the phone for the first time!!

Day before wesley's bday

Date: Friday July 3, 2009
Time: 1:02 PM
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Current Nickname: wes

This morning Wesley saw Daddy give me a kiss then he came over and gave me 6 kisses 3 on each cheek. He is such a sweetie pie. I'm getting us ready to head out in a little bit so I can drop him off at Parents Day Out, the daycare program ran by a local church. I take Wesley twice a week right now for 3 hours at a time so I can go to my Non stress tests and ultrasound appointments as well as anything else I need to get done if I have time left after the appointments. He seems to really like it there especially now that Connor has been joining him on Thursday's sometimes. Yesterday the easel Nick and I ordered for Wesley arrived at the store for pickup. I am so excited because the original estimated delivery date was between July 7 and 13th.


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some things I love about Wesley

Date: Tuesday June 30, 2009
Time: 12:43 PM
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Current Nickname: little sprouty

He hates the wind and makes such a fuss about it. When we were in Vegas walking on the overpasses he screamed so much everyone would turn and stare at us. Yet for some reason he has always thought it funny if you blow in his face! It's kinda annoying but so cute too!
He loves airplanes and helicopters and will point them out when he sees them in the sky.
I love that he says Bye Bye and Hi to pretty much everyone and everything.
He loves music and dancing and singing. I love when he signs to the Christian radio station in the car especially the song "mighty to save".
When he wakes up in the morning he always says he dreamed about water or a drink of water.
He waits for us to come and get him after a nap and in the mornings.
He loves toodles on mickey mouse clubhouse and for some reason whenever we read a desert animals book Grandma gave him calls for Toodles when we get to the page with the rattlesnake!
He grabs my hand and says "lets go mommy lets go"
He is so good at listening and following directions and holding our hands.
He is excited about being a big brother and will give my belly kisses and/or lift up my shirt and touch my tummy and say Hi Baby brother!
He says Ok mommy Ok
Whenever we get Ice from the Ice machine in the fridge he will come running to see if there are any cubes that missed the cup and pick them up off the floor for us.
He loves slides and balance beams and swings
I don't think there are any animals he's not fascinated by.
He loves when I give him butterfly and eskimo kisses and requests them before every bed/naptime
He says "I funny mommy" and "I did it _____(water, bubbles etc.)"
He loves to brush his teeth and says "brush your teeth brush your teeth" when its time.
He says "All better" when he's done crying or puts something away etc.
He shows concern for other little kids asking "ok?" if they get hurt and will offer a toy to another child without having to be told.
If I ask for privacy now he will give it to me, so nice!
If I need a nap and he is awake he will patiently sit or stand by the couch and watch TV so I can rest instead of tearing up the house!
He follows the rules when in a store and I can let him walk through a store instead of always being in a cart.
When we go shopping he rests his head on my pregnant belly from the shopping cart seat.
He says "Daddy's home!" even if all Daddy did was go in another room and come back out.
He repeats the last word or words you say.
Whenever I ask for a kiss or an I love you mommy he gives one but usually he does it without me having to ask. If he's feeling especially sweet he'll blow me kisses just because.


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Date: Sunday June 28, 2009
Time: 7:31 PM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: wes

Wesley has been amazing us with his ABC's lately. He's been able to sing the ABC song for a couple months now and his favorite part is the end "now I know my abc's next time wont you sing with me..." He will even just bust out into singing that at random times like when he is awake and waiting for us to come and get him or we are in the car or out shopping etc.

But recently (less than a week ago) he saw his dad using the laptop computer and came over to him looked at the keyboard and pointed to the O and P keys and said the letters! Then he did W as well. Tonight we were reading one of his favorite books a cookie monster ABC book he got for his first birthday from some friends at church and he was able to recognize and tell us 13 letters, half the alphabet!! They were.. A, B, C, G, H, I, J,O, P, Q, R, W, and Z.

He seems to say "W" when he doesn't recognize the leter , must be his favorite and he loves to point out red cars when we are driving or in a parking lot etc. He also likes to say "green car" to both of our cars.


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Date: Wednesday June 24, 2009
Time: 7:57 PM
Mood: Sleepy,
Current Nickname: WesleyCub

Wesley and I were outside playing today in the yard and he went over across from me about 5 feet away with his back to me turns around says "Hi mommy!" blows me kisses and says "Love you mommy" repeating every 2 minutes or so! :) He is such a sweetie pie and I love it! Today Wesley kissed my belly right where Jeremiah was and gave me a look like "wow!" Wesley and I went to Gospel supply today and bought Jeremiah his baby book. It's not the same one as I have for Wesley like I had wanted but it is still nice. The other one apparently has been discontinued and I can't find it anywhere online either.


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random clippings...

Date: Tuesday June 23, 2009
Time: 7:20 PM
Mood: eh,
Current Nickname: cubba

During the past month or so Wesley's imaginative play has really taken off, I've had to give eskimo kisses and tickles to his wolfie and mickey mouse stuffed animals for a while now and just a moment ago I was in the kitchen and heard a thump, Wes comes running in from the living room with Pluto and tells me he's crying, after I comforted his toy Wesley goes back to the living room where I hear an "oh no!" and moments later he is in the kitchen again this time with Pooky telling me he's crying now too! He is such a sweet boy!

Lately Jeremiah has the hiccups all the time and Wesley is so cute he loves to feel them through my belly. Last night he even put his teddy bear Pooky's arm on my belly so he could feel them too! :)

Right before Wesley was born our fridge died and our Air conditioner leaked through the hallway walls, now Jeremiah is due in 7 weeks and both of our two bathrooms are having issues! The tile is falling out of the master bath shower and the hall bathroom sink is mysteriously leaking, Makes me wonder what will happen if we have another kid!

Instead of taking a nap Wesley is singing over and over again and saying Yay! Thank you, Thank you!! ( he must have an imaginary audience! )

Just got back form an Non stress test, I had to take Wesley with me but he was very good and polite, Thank God! :)

I just learned my lesson on why you should never buy a small bag of cat food, Wesley just took it upon himself to feed the cat!! needless to say he more or less fed the floor instead!

Wesley's first time playing the piano, as you can see he really loved it! :)

Wesley after putting his own shoes on by himself!!! :)

Wesley can sing his ABC's all the way through in order!!! :) He just did it twice in a row, hoping I can catch it on video soon.

Took Wesley for ice cream and he turns his nose up at it, come home and he asks for broccoli!!! Do I have the best son ever or what? :)

I woke up to Wesley singing "It's the mickey mouse clubhouse...." over the baby monitor :)

Brenda LaPrell just enjoying Jeremiah's first round of hiccups! :)
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I love sorting through Wesley's old baby clothes and seeing what will work for his little brother, brings back memories! :)

Too cute after I had to put Wesley in timeout he thought it over did the same thing again and went straight to timeout before I could even tell him too!

Wesley LOVES Chuck-E-Cheese!! After he got to meet chuck e he kept saying "Chuck e, Are you?!? (where are you)"

Wes is so sweet, I made him a cheese sandwich for breakfast today (because he is weird about breakfast) and the whole time he's eating it he says "mmm, yummy! I love it!!!" :)
April 15 at 9:36am ·

so sweet, tucking wes into bed I asked him if he could say "Jesus loves me" and he says "Jesus loves you!" :) Think he misunderstood what I meant lol!
April 9 at 7:28pm

Wes is so cute! He saw me rub my belly and talk to the baby so he rubbed his belly and goes "hi jer" LOL :)
April 2 at 2:28pm

Wesley has been so sweet helping me clean all morning! He is such a blessing! :)
April 1 at 11:52am


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Date: Tuesday June 16, 2009
Time: 7:51 PM
Mood: Tired,
Current Nickname: Little sprout

My little boy is almost two years old! I can hardly believe it! He is just growing up so fast. Wesley is such a good kid. He has his moments like any toddler but he really is quite well behaved and very helpful too. I love that he is looking forward to becoming a big brother. He loves to read his big brother books at bedtime and can point to my stomach and say "baby brother". He will even do that when someone asks him where the baby or Jeremiah is. It is really cute!

I just saw my OB yesterday and we set an induction date of August 3rd. So unless the Lord has other plans it looks like Jeremiah will be exactly 2 years and 1 month younger than Wesley. I'm a bit nervous to be induced but on the other hand it is also reassuring. The basic concern is that if I don't get induced we won't know beforehand long enough to let the Heparin get out of my system. Since last time with Wes it had been about 26 hours before he was born that I took my last dose and my blood was still not back to normal (it's only supposed to take 12 hours max). Anyway Nick's mom says that she will watch Wesley for us so that is a big relief! It is nice to know that he will be well cared for while I am in the hospital. I've never been away from Wesley overnight before so I'm hoping we both take it ok.

Wesley and I are doing two toddler classes a week right now, art and gym. He got to paint in the art class last week and absolutely loved it so Nick and I are planning to buy him an easel for his birthday with a bunch of paints and things. I really wanted to get him an outdoor playhouse too but we can't afford it right now with all the upcoming baby expenses so maybe we will do that for Christmas or his next birthday.

Wesley seems to be growing and learning several new things a day now. He is doing great at speaking in full sentences and it's been fun to see what is on his mind. Every morning when he gets up we ask him if he had good dreams or not, usually he says yes and sometimes he will try to tell us what he dreamed about but it's often hard to understand because he will say it so fast. Lately he has been complaining that his nose hurts. I've used a vaporizer off and on in his room and that seems to help sometimes but I think he just has allergies and it's his sinuses that are bugging him because he seems to complain the most on windy days. I'm planning to ask his Dr. about it though.

There are so many things I want to write down before I forget so I'm just going to make a list...

-Wesley loves to put on lotion and sunblock or Bublock as he calls it.
-Lately whenver I sneeze or run the garbage disposal or drop something etc. Wesley will stop what he is doing and run to make sure I'm ok. It's so sweet to hear him say "ok, mommy,ok?"
-Wesley now tells me he loves me all the time jsut because even when I don't say it first. When I drop him off at Church he will say Love you mommy and miss you mommy. Other times he will be looking for me in the house and say "Hi mommy, I love you!" When he finds me. It just melts my heart!
-He now says "I'm funny" or "That's funny" Sometimes if I don't laugh at something he says or does he will tell me too by saying to me "I funny mommy!"
-He also tells people to say sorry or thank you when he thinks they should.
-Yesterday he "read" through one of his favorite books all on his own for the first time just reciting what he could remember it was Brown, bear brown bear what do you see. And he was so cute saying "frog, frog what do you see?" "I see cookie looking at me!" I don't know why but he always said Cookie!
-He now says "All better" when he is done cleaning something up or stops crying or finishes doing something.
-He loves to sing along to pretty much any song and dance to it too. The other day we were in Blockbuster and a music video was playing in the store and he made me hold his hands and dance with him in the aisle!

I'm sure there is more I will continue to update as I think of things I want to be sure to record as much as I can before Jeremiah is born, I have a feeling things will be a big blur for a while after that!


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just a couple quick things before i forget more updates later when I have the time...

Date: Tuesday May 19, 2009
Time: 9:13 PM
Mood: rushed,
Current Nickname: Sproutini magini

held temporal thermometer to forehead,pretended to scan looked at thermometer and said "98,alright!"
sat in bed after naptime read through one of his books closes it clasps his hands together bows his head and says "Amen!"
Now does motions to row row row your boat on his own, surprised us with singing "Big brothers, big sisters" from Caillou (it's been a month since he last heard the song on Vacation!) as well as Head, shoulders knees and toes (with motions) and London bridge is falling down!


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Potty training and more

Date: Saturday April 18, 2009
Time: 6:49 PM
Mood: Excited,
Current Nickname: Wes

Ok Well I have not been keeping up with this blog!! I keep meaning to and then get busy or whatever so instead of trying to write it all at once I'm just going with the most recent right now and will try and catch up with another post in then near future.

Wesley is amazing us! He is growing up so fast! Today he is 21 months 2 weeks and 1 day old. If I didn't know better I'd think he was going on 3 not 2. He is such a loving little boy and such a quick learner. Wesley can count up to 13 and up to 10 without any help.

Lately he has begun taking us both by the hand when we walk and saying "more" which means he wants us to swing him so we starting telling him ok but you have to count. Sure enough he'll count to 3 on his own and then we swing him. Today when we were doing it I said ok but count to 6 first and he did!! Later I was doing laundry and he just came walking in the room counting from 1 to 10. He has been able to count for a few months now but just in the last few days stopped skipping numbers and began counting ton a number asked in the right order!

He is also getting very good at colors and today asked me for the blue bowl when I didn't understand him mumbling more pretzels!

We still watch the sign language DVDs from time to time and he is picking up the new signs very quickly but he is able to talk in sentences now so he doesn't sign as much. We've been reading him some stories about being a big brother and talking to him about the baby on the way. He can say Wesley and Jeremy now which is great. He has also gotten good at saying his cousin Michele's name too. Recently my brother Danny got married and he and his wife Tiffany are expecting a baby in November so soon Wesley will have another cousin!

Recently Wesley has taken to enjoying peeing in the bathtub so on Wednesday night when I asked Nick to bathe Wesley so I could do some cleaning up Nick asked Wesley if he wanted to use the potty before getting into the tub sure enough Wesley says "ya" walks right over to his potty sits down and peed! By the time I got back in the house he was done and they came to tell me. We all went back in the bathroom and had Wesley watch as Nick emptied the pee into the toilet and then Wes flushed. He was so proud of himself he sat down on the potty and tried to go again to show me what he had done!

Well we have been doing the potty thing for a couple days now and today so far he has already used the potty 3 times! I bought him a potty chart and some stickers and hung it in the bathroom and we got a step stool and some special foaming hand soap and he has the whole routine down already!

This afternoon I asked him if he wanted to potty and he said no so I went about my business and he followed me into the hallway pointed to the bathroom door and said " Potty" so we went in the bathroom took his pants off (he likes them all the way off) and he went potty, got up emptied the pee into the toilet put the lid down, flushed and went to get his step stool all on his own!! I put his new training pants on him he climbed up to the sink washed and dried his hands with a little help got down picked a sticker and put it on the chart all by himself!

Then tonight he tried to pee before the bath but nothing came out so after he was in the tub for a while he told me he was all done and pulled the plug. He wanted to climb out of the tub himself instead of having me lift him up like usual so when I went to put the towel around him he said "Potty!" I asked him if he needed to potty and he said ya sat down and went potty! So he not only recognized he needed to pee but asked to go! I am just amazed at how quickly he picked it all up! So far this has all been such a blessing. We leave for vacation on Tuesday so I guess we will be needing to make room in our suitcase for his potty chair!!!


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Trying to keep up to date

Date: Sunday November 30, 2008
Time: 6:00 PM
Mood: loved,
Current Nickname: Wesley Sprout

I have a hard time remembering to update this blog. I pray I wont forget all the little things. Today Wesley said "Cool" (hanging ornaments with Daddy on our tree) and "Tickle" (being tickled right before bead and touching his toes) for the first times. He is up to so many words that he can both speak and sign I've lost count!! He is really great at animal sounds and repeating words and sounds and showing body parts. He can show you his ear, nose, eyes, hair, toes(first time tonight), mouth and belly button. I love being a mom so much! We found out the night before Thanksgiving that we are expecting another baby! We are so thrilled!!! Our new baby's due date is August 8th. We all think it is a girl. Maybe it will be. We all thought Wes would be a boy and sure enough we were right. Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker


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Date: Sunday November 2, 2008
Time: 6:40 PM
Mood: loved ,
Current Nickname: super sprout

Forgot a word and sign.
54. More

24. More


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Catching up

Date: Sunday November 2, 2008
Time: 6:39 PM
Mood: Loved,
Current Nickname: SuperSprout

"The B-I-B..." Wesley can sing his first praise song and spell too! Tonight while getting his jammies on I was singing him the children's song "The B-I-B-L-E" and he chimes in with "The B-I-B..." It was SO sweet and SO cute. We took turns singing in our own little duet for a few minutes while we finished getting ready for him to go to bed. I just love him so much and I know that had to have made the Lord smile too!

Thursday I had Wesley with me while stopping by Safeway to pick up some bananas or as he calls them "nema's" and a pumpkin pie,since we were only getting that I decided to forgo the cart and just carry him. We get to the banana stand and I asked him which banana's he wanted to get he goes right for a bunch of about 8 bananas , thinking there's no way he'd eat them all before they go bad I suggested we get the 4 pack and handed it to him to hold. We had to walk to the other end of the store to get the pie and then back again to checkout. By the time we made it to the register he had already broken into a banana with his teeth and starting squeezing out some of the fruit! I had to warn the cashier to watch where they grabbed the bananas to ring them up. The lady bagging our groceries was nice enough to peel that banana for Wes and hand it to him while I finished paying. Between that time and Wesley's bedtime he had eaten all 4 bananas!!! I guess we should have gotten the 8 pack afterall! This last molar of his is taking a LONG time to come through and he has been eating mostly bananas and teething biscuits. He tried some pumpkin egg nog and isn't much of a fan of that. He loves grandma's cooking though and devoured her cream of pumpkin soup and cheesy mummy dogs as well as her guacamole during samantha's Halloween party Friday night. He also loved that pumpkin pie I mentioned us buying, and went up to everyone saying "bite" as they ate asking for some.

Tonight Nick suggested we got out to dinner at Olive Garden, which we haven't done in a while. We were both very proud of Wesley. He was very well behaved and ate all his dinner. We let him try calamari for the first time, he seemed to like it but had trouble chewing. It was the cutest thing though to see him dipping his spaghetti one noodle at a time into the cup of marina sauce that came with the appetizer. He also ate 2 and a half breadsticks!

Updated words/signs:
Words:47. cracker
48. Elmo
49. cat
50. duck
51. cheese
52. the
53. nine

14 cracker
15 frog
16 horse
17 train
18 cat
19 cow
20 bird
21 duck
22 drink
23 mama


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Lots of stuff

Date: Sunday October 12, 2008
Time: 9:14 PM
Mood: Proud,
Current Nickname: Sproutzilla


Today was his first day without a bottle! I am so amazed at how simple it was! On Wednesday his pediatrician recommended I get him off the bottle as soon as possible and suggested we explain to Wes that bottles are for babies and he doesn't need a bottle anymore and have him see me put them away. I had every intention of doing that but then almost all of our bottles seemed to disappear on their own.

This morning after already having told Wesley yesterday that the bottles were going to go away soon decided to just give him a cup since I didn't have any bottles already clean. He went the entire day drinking out of two cups. A straw cup for his milk and a sippy cup for his juice and water. We made sure not to say "Bottle" or let him see any.
He did well in Church and at home! I heard him ask for a bottle twice but both times he went right for the cup and was fine. I really thought it'd be a struggle and that he'd have a couple tantrums over it but he did wonderfully! I am SO very proud of Wesley!

Today Wesley and his cousin Michele gave each other a few kisses and both looked bashful so cute!

Today Wesley put his daddy's shoe's on his feet and tried to walk and clapped for himself.

For a while now Wes has been able to get himself out our front door even with the big step down.

Wesley is a wonderful helper. He helps me clean everything up even without being asked! He loves to put things back where he gets them from. Such as taking his cup out of the diaper bag and taking a few sips then putting it back!

Wesley loves to "recycle" things. He has put a computer mouse, bag of beans, dustpan, dishes and even stuffed animals into the recycle bin.

He loves to put things in the drawer under the oven as well. He also is understanding sentences very well. The other day he took down the dishtowel from the stove and I asked him to clean it up. He walked right back to the stove and tried(he couldn't reach too well) to hang it back up.

If you ask Wesley where his cup is he will look for and sometimes find it and reach for it. Often it is under the couch. He also likes to purposely push things under the couch and rach for them. He has caught a ball both with one hand or two.

I love to see him spin in circles saying "whee" and clapping. He said mama a couple times recently. He loves to repeat sounds he thinks are funny. Such as the cat or us sneezing and tonight when his daddy was doing the voice of the sesame street count Wesley copied the laugh! He is also great at saying a few letters of the alphabet and even remembers that G comes after F!

At his 15 month checkup Wesley weighed 23 pounds 7 ounces and was 30 3/4 inches tall. (25-50th percentile) He was also referred to a pediatric opthalmologist, we have an appointment for that in November.

Yesterday we all went down to the Tucson Meet yourself festival. I haven't been since I was a kid. It was a lot of fun. Wesley got an egg pinata thingy just like I used to always get as a kid! I had a Gyro and Nick and his dad had Indian tacos and we all tried some baklava even Wesley. Later that night Wesley came into the kitchen with his pants and diaper about half way off and then managed to wriggle himself completely out! It was the first time he's ever undressed himself. As soon as I got his diaper and pants back from him he peed all over the living room floor! Nick put him in the tub and a few minutes later Wes pooped in the tub!! I wonder if he will be ready to potty train soon?

Wesley loves oranges and loves to eat them peel and all just like an apple! He had his first grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today that was all for him and he loved it! He also loves waffle shaped pretzels and mini pancakes. Recently at the grocery store he started picking spinach leaves off the bundle in our bag and eating them raw! He loves to reach for my salads and eat the lettuce in those too. He also had plenty of plain tomato slices at the festival yesterday. I love that Wesley loves vegetables and fruits so much!

New words
45. Keys
46. Cereal

and signs
12. Cereal
13. Where


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More new words already!

Date: Saturday September 20, 2008
Time: 7:36 PM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: sprouty

39. car
40. owl
41. Go
42. AL
43. up
44. milk (moma)

We just got back from dinner and Wesley not only ate the salsa that was almost too hot for me to handle but liked it so much he said please asking for more!


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More words ands signs etc.

Date: Saturday September 20, 2008
Time: 2:16 PM
Mood: happy/tired/loved,
Current Nickname: sprouty

10. shoes
11. apple(learned this one just today)

35. apple(today)
36. cow(yesterday)
37. shoes
38. Poop (Popo)

at the zoo today he tried to say Zebra (zzz) and bird (bii)he also tried to sign bird.

Wesley is now able to feed himself with a spoon!! Tara and I took the boys to an Indian restaurant after swimming recently it was a first for Wes and I and we both loved everything we tried. Wesley sat in my lap took my spoon and fed him self rice pudding! It was so funny because I had just told Tara "no, Wesley can't use a spoon by himself yet." He wanted to prove his mama wrong I guess!

Wesley now gives hugs when you ask him to and even when you don't. He loves Eskimo and butterfly kisses. and if you say Eskimo kiss he'll smile and start scrunching his nose and shaking his head! He's decided he loves ketchup and bbq sauce and will eat them by dunking his thumb in it and sucking it off. He calls all his stuffed animals and dolls "baby". He loves to point to babies and pictures of babies and say "baby" He loves to help me sweep and I'm trying to find a child size broom for him. He walks backwards now. He can tell you when he needs to poop and if he has pooped. He loves to watch baby sign language videos and dances to the songs. He's decided he likes sesame street especially Elmo. And he loves full house when Michele was a baby. He is very outgoing and loves to say "hi" to everyone he sees even animals. Puppies/dogs are his favorite. Wesley had his first kiss at baby gym yesterday. This little girl came up to Wesley when they were playing in one of those wheel shaped tunnel things grabbed his arm held him still and planted a kiss right on his lips! It was so cute. Her mom and I just laughed and Wes was like "um, ok". Wesley is getting better at holding my hand while walking and walked holding my hand all the way from the car to the inside of our baby gym class yesterday too! He is also wonderful at following directions and following me to another room in the house when I ask. He knows that he's supposed to leave the room if you turn out the light. and If he hears you talking about him saying or doing something he'll do it again. He can now say things when you ask him too like "Wesley say..." just for fun. He got to walk in a beach entry pool and loved that. He has a social laugh and I love how he says "wow!" He also says uh oh when we drop something or like this afternoon when his hand got stuck in the carseat strap. He can almost take off his diaper by himself and he asks for Water more than milk now.


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I forgot a word and a sign

Date: Thursday September 11, 2008
Time: 9:32 PM
Mood: tired,
Current Nickname: sprouty

9. Sleep

34. Sleep


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Date: Thursday September 11, 2008
Time: 9:14 PM
Mood: tired ,
Current Nickname: sprouty bouty

The other day Wesley was playing in the fridge and just squeezed his bottle into the tiniest spot in the door.

Today he tried to help himself to a drink from the milk carton, needless to say he made quite a mess.

For the first time today (445 pm) Wesley pointed to his nose when I asked him too. He was so cute smiling and pointing with one finger first to his mouth and then up to his nose. He even has repeated it for Daddy too.

He signed and said Water for the first time today after watching his a baby sign language video and used the word and sign throughout the day.

I love the way he gently hands me his bottle (at night especially) when he's done. He just gently grabs my hand and sets the bottle in it.

He kinda gives hugs now this sorta leaning into you.

He's requested and received about 3 piggy back rides from me now.

And today we had the sweetest moment on the futon where he sat next to me and I sorta leaned my head next to his shoulder and closed my eyes while he just sat there eating a banana then he leaned back with a smile and I gave him some butterfly kisses which always make him laugh.

He loves when we dance and sing to his music in his room mostly the bible songs and will clap after each song (I didn't even teach him that!) And laughs when I do disco moves like pointing. :)

He also likes to clap his hands to the music when he dances in the playroom especially, that he did see me do once.

He loves to show you his belly button because we usually ask him where it is and then when he shows us go after him with tickles.

He's very good in the bath and understands when I ask him to sit down so I can rinse his hair.

I love how he tries to help me around the house and will cleanup even without being asked. Although I do ask. And sometimes his help comes with fun surprises like a watermelon rind in the silverware basket of the dishwasher!


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More words Wesley can say

Date: Thursday September 11, 2008
Time: 9:02 PM
Mood: tired ,
Current Nickname: sprouty bouty

31. eye
32. water (sounds a lot like wawu)
33. eat


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Words Wesley can sign

Date: Thursday September 11, 2008
Time: 9:01 PM
Mood: sleepy,
Current Nickname: sprouty bouty

2.Thank you
6.I want


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Current events

Date: Wednesday September 10, 2008
Time: 11:01 AM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: sprouty

Wesley is doing so well he is picking up signs and words very quickly now. He can now also sign for banana although uses more than one finger and he picked up the sign for "I want" somewhere on his own. I guess he must have seen another child in Sunday school using it. He just started doing it on Labor day and no one knew what he was doing and then Christian was able to look it up and told us what it meant which made sense because he was using it in reference to things he wanted but I figured he was trying to sign more. Anyway he can also say flower now. He's been trying for a couple days but usually says babba or favva then this morning we were looking at some flowers Nick bought me and I was repeating the word flower for him and he said it crystal clear! Even Nick got to hear him say it! I'm also trying to teach him the sign for flower but he hasn't done it yet.

I bought his baby doll some boy clothes and Wesley is able to take them off his baby. He pointed to Asher and said "Baby" and then when Asher dropped his pacifier Wes kept saying "uh-oh" for him. It was so sweet seeing him wave to the baby and say hi too he even looks at pictures of babies even himself as a baby and says "baby" so cute. This morning we were looking at baby pictures of him after his dad went to work and I'd say that's you that's Wesley and he'd say "No".

I love that he can show you where his belly button and his ear are and when he sees the owl in our front yard now he says "ooh ooh" and will say that instead of "baa" now when you ask him what an owl says!(He usually says "baa" for all animal sounds you ask him)

Wesley has recently tried coconut and coconut milk for the first time as well as peanut better, apple butter, jelly, and pecans and he loves them all and thankfully hasn't had any allergic reactions to them. I made these coconut pecan bars for church recently and Wes loved them! Of course I didn't let him have a lot.

Oh and he also loves orange juice. I gave him some yesterday because he has a cold, his first in a few months.
Anyway I think that's about it if I think of anything else I'll be back...


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A few more words

Date: Wednesday September 10, 2008
Time: 10:49 AM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: sprout about

28. Baby
29. Ow
30. Flower
Working on Frog and Towel they sound like "Faug and "wowel"


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Date: Thursday September 4, 2008
Time: 3:23 PM
Mood: happy,
Current Nickname: sprouty

Wesley saw a couple baby dolls lately and smiled and said hi to them and even pushed one around in a stroller during a playgroup. So I went out and bought him his own baby doll yesterday it came with a stroller and a pacifier and today Wesley and I bought it a couple of magic milk bottles too. He is fascinated with his baby and when his dad came home yesterday he even said "Baby!" and now says it all the time sometimes he says puppy by accident though. Anyway he is very sweet with the baby and puts it in the stroller and pushes it around. When he sees the baby he will say baby and reach for it and even give it a hug and/or a kiss. At the playgroup he was walking around with the baby kissing its head and pretending to offer it to someone and then take it back. After we bought the bottles I sat the baby and the bottle in his lap in his carseat on the way home and he looked so proud of himself when he gave the baby its bottle! so sweet so cute!


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Few more updates

Date: Tuesday September 2, 2008
Time: 8:18 PM
Mood: relaxed,
Current Nickname: Sprout about

Wesley started clicking his tongue Sunday night in the bathtub while his daddy was bathing him. He loves to do it and will do it if you ask him too. I even got it on video! Wesley now sits forward in the car and did wonderful in Sunday school this week. He only slightly whimpered when I handed him over to the teacher at drop off and seemed fine at pickup too, just anxious to see me but they say he gets like that when he notices all the other kids getting picked up. This weekend he also learned to twist a cap on and off of an apple juice container by himself as well as open a juice box alone (he got the straw unwrapped halfway and stuck it in the hole of the box!!) We went to a BBQ on Labor day at Crystal and Christian's and he loved climbing up to the slide and going down (with help) At Ty's birthday party he sat in a sand box for the first time and had sand all in his shoes and stuff but loved it. Thursday night he met his Aunt Tamara for the first time at dinner at Pinnacle Peak steakhouse. And he skinned his nose while trying to put a toy away (I think, I was in the kitchen and only saw part of it) I'm planning to try to wean him off the bottle soon but I can see it's going to be an issue because today he got so upset when I didn't have any clean bottles so I gave him his milk in a cup and he took about two sips and starts signing milk and was so upset until I finally washed one. He is walking wonderfully and tries to run and pretty much does. Although many people have commented that he seems bowlegged. I think he's fine. His second molar has finally broken through and he seems happy about that and smiles and looks so proud when I check on it and tell him its coming in well. He seems to like the feel of my finger on it. Oh and today he got a kick out of poking me in the belly button while I was laying down. I'm sure that is because we always do that to him. He also loves to ring the doorbell whenever he has a chance.


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New word for Wesley

Date: Tuesday September 2, 2008
Time: 8:09 PM
Mood: relaxed,
Current Nickname: Pumpkin Spout

27. Puppy
He says it very well nice and clear although the first time he said it today it had a few "W"
's in it, But he's said it over 20 times today and now it sounds perfect, His daddy even got to hear him say it on the phone and when he got home. Wes learned this one because he loves dogs and his new favorite toy is a puppy that walks with you although he carries it around instead. He has almost said Tree and still says E for eat


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some things cub has been doing

Date: Monday August 25, 2008
Time: 3:05 PM
Mood: tired ,
Current Nickname: cub

Cub can now climb up onto both couches and the futon on his own and get down on his own also although we don't like him doing it alone. He has climbed his way up into my lap while I'm sitting on the couch and up his umbrella stroller! Can almost buckle himself in his car seat. (just the top part) Thank God he hasn't figured out how to unbuckle yet! He loves to turn lights on and off. At Costco Saturday Wesley pointed to the rotisserie chickens cooking and then signed eat! He did it a few times Nick says. He has his first scraped hand from walking outside in our driveway while waiting for his dad to get home from work he fell a couple times and protected his cookie instead of his hand! It is healing nicely. Although without the help of a band aid to keep it clean since he laughed at the superman one I put on him and then took it off! We tried him in the one year old room at church on Sunday again and this time they said he did better and was walking. He seemed happier when I picked him up and didn't cry as much when I dropped him off.


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and the list continues to grow...

Date: Monday August 25, 2008
Time: 2:57 PM
Mood: tired,
Current Nickname: cub

23. Zero
24. Ho ho ho
25. whee
26. J.T.
And he is working on saying Eat but it just sounds like E


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I forgot a couple words he says

Date: Sunday August 17, 2008
Time: 9:39 PM
Mood: same ,
Current Nickname: same

20-Baa (sound for a sheep)
21-Meow (sounds like yeow and sometimes mew)
22-Woo Woo (woof woof for a dog sound)


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Updated list of words cub says

Date: Sunday August 17, 2008
Time: 9:33 PM
Mood: sentimental but still sleepy,
Current Nickname: pumpkin pie

1-Daddy, dadda, dad
18-Bauble(Bubble)*Said this very clearly and well at the little gym last week and just as the teacher commented on his many expressions he made a new one we've never seen before that got us all laughing because it was so cute it was this raised eye half smile sorta way of saying come on blow some more bubbles!!


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Walking in shoes!

Date: Sunday August 17, 2008
Time: 9:25 PM
Mood: Sleepy,
Current Nickname: Pumpkin Pie

Today after Church we all stopped by to visit Jeannine. Nick and Jeannine left for a while to pick up some of her things and while we were waiting Wesley walked really well for the first time while wearing shoes! He's taken a few steps in shoes before but always complained about the shoes and it was obvious he had a hard time walking in them. Today I took his shoes off so he could go barefoot and he complained! So I put them back on and he was walking all over the place outside up and down the courtyard in his shoes! He did just as well as he does barefoot! Unfortunately Nick missed it. But he saw him walking in them later when we got home, we all took a walk down to the mailbox and playground and Wes walked about halfway in his shoes but was holding our hands becuase he was tired. Anyway we're very proud of him and are planning to put him in shoes everyday now when he gets dressed. I also want to buy him a pair of baby crocs because although they are ugly on adults in my opinion I think they are so cute for kids because they come in many colors and you can put little charms in them. Of course we'll have to make sure he can't get them out. Also Nick was telling Wesley that a piece of fabric was furry and Wes looked him straight in the eye and says "Fuwy" I wish I could have heard it! He is repeating lots of words now like the other day when he repeated "What" Of course he yelled it ... but you know....
Wesley loves to dance and will turn the music on from one of his toy ride on cars and just start dancing bouncing up and down in a sort of squat it's soooo cute!! He can mew like a cat but usually says baa. He has gotten very good at saying please and thank you and will even sign thank you when I tell him thank you. We took a walk the other day I think Friday and we saw two dark blue butterflies flying around together. I've been working on teaching Wesley colors and he pointed to blue. He touched a button on a toy that asked him to find the yellow star and he immediately pressed the yellow star!! He tries to plug computer cords into his daddy's computer. He gave his aunt Jeannine a kiss for the first time today, and he's getting better at having milk in a cup rather than a bottle. At Aidan's birthday party yesterday he let a woman he's never met before hold him and played with her seashell necklace and bracelet.


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Wesley sings with his mama!

Date: Thursday August 14, 2008
Time: 9:06 PM
Mood: Loved,
Current Nickname: Lil sprout

Well so much to say.... I seem to always want to make a note of things Wes does and then get distracted or busy and next thing I know I'm on the verge of forgetting what I wanted to write down! Let's see a couple days ago I was in the playroom with Wes and I asked him what sound a doggy makes and he said "Woo Woo" , Cat "Yeow" and Sheep "Baa" Then Nick came home from work and asked him "Wesley what sound does a.." and Wesley goes "Baa" before he could even answer! Apparently we ask him the sheep one a lot. And so now pretty much every time you ask an animal noise he says "Baa". Yesterday Wesley and I went over to Grandma's house to take Samantha to school for her orientation while we were there Wes and I were on the couch with her dog Odie. I was petting Odie and saying "Hi Odie" when all of a sudden Wes says "Hi Odie!" and buries his face in a pillow as he's saying it. It was so cute! Of course I couldn't get him to say it again. He loves dogs so much and it's soo cute!

Also the other day Wesley was in his highchair eating lunch or dinner or something I think it was lunch.... Anyway Salem wanted whatever it was Wesley was eating, maybe it was chicken? and he was walking back and forth under the highchair tickling Wesley's feet with his tail which he's never done before so Wesley was so surprised and just kept laughing it was so adorable!

Wesley now has a first molar on the top row of teeth, it's kinda on the side so it's hard to see bt you can definitely feel it when brushing.

Wesley has gotten very good at understanding and obeying more words now. In the tub I now just have to say sit down please and he does! He still likes to play with things he knows he shouldn't like the trash cans in the kitchen and the blinds cord in the living room and will say "No" while he's doing it and when you tell him "No". But he usually obeys even if sometimes we have to get up and move him. He still loves saying "Uh-Oh" and in the swimming pool today it sounded like he yelled "What!" He also says Babble for Bottle but his Daddy says he said "Bottle" a night or two ago. He can tell when it's time for Nick to leave for work and will start waving and saying "bye" and if I'm the one getting ready to leave he gets upset but will wave bye when Daddy holds him. Last Saturday I came home from the gym and Wesley and Nick were in the driveway waiting for me. Wesley with his shoes on standing and waving and then walking around the opposite side of the van to try and find me! It made my day!

Last Friday night we went to see a ventriloquist at church, Grandpa came with us, Wes loved it. He had a lot of fun cruising around the aisle and waving and saying hi to everyone around him especially the little kids. He thought the show was ok too. :)

Lately in the afternoons Wes and I have been stopping at the playground after getting our mail. On the weekend Nick came with us. We all had a great time. Wesley loves the slide and loves to try to crawl back up it once he reaches the bottom. He laughs and laughs. And especially likes to walk up the slide when you hold him up. I think he figured out he needs more traction to climb up the slide because he was sitting in the gravel at the base of it the other day and starts pouring it on to the slide and wiping it away then tried to climb up and dint' get very far so he put the gravel back on the slide and tried again this time making it further up now almost every time he puts some gravel on the slide first!

Wesley loves the slides at church too, especially when you let him go upside down!

In the baby swing at our neighborhood playground Wesley laughed and laughed and the higher I pushed him the more fun he had and he would just laugh and smile it was so adorable i love that laugh and I hope I never forget the look on his sweet face!

Tonight he actually kept his bib on during dinner, must be because it was such good lasagna I made. :)
Wesley is such a quick learner! Anytime I show him something goofy to do with a toy like putting a link on his foot he does it by himself in like one or two tries. Today he took turns putting it on his and then back on mine. He also today got the little person into its seat on the bus for the first time and made it play the music. He's been able to do the music on its own before though.

Wesley is walking VERY well! At church on Monday night he was walking around with the other kids and even was hiding behind the door and peeking at me through the little window. He was in Batman jammies and it was SO cute! The next day he started walking while drinking milk from his bottle and he is just everywhere now. Today we visited our neighbor and he walked while crying after me halfway across the house! Lately he's been choosing to walk more than crawl which is great!

Over the weekend we went up to Mt. Lemmon to celebrate Samantha's birthday and Wesley walked in his hiking shoes all around the campground while holding one or two of my hands depending. It was sad/sweet though when I asked him to walk to Grandpa and he only went halfway before stopping and saying "No". I think he was getting tired. He had lots of interest in some bug Samantha found as well as her mouse recently too.

As we were leaving the mountain. Wesley sat in Andy's lap while he was holding Odie's leash. Odie pulled on the leash and Andy let go and Wesley caught it!!! After that he controlled Odie's leash for a good 5 minutes all by himself even as Odie was tugging on it pretty hard! I was so AMAZED! I think Grandma got some pictures.

And last but not least, Today I was getting Wesley dressed after breakfast and was singing to him the Bee-i-e-i-e song and he started singing right along with me! My sweetie and I got such a kick out of that! All day when I would say I-e-i-e-i-e Wesley would sing right along with me with this joyous smile and cute face he was so proud of himself! and sometimes he would just bust out in an I-e-I-e and I'd sing with him!


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Date: Sunday August 3, 2008
Time: 9:32 AM
Mood: Restful,
Current Nickname: Lil'dude

Friday Nick met Wesley and I at the Little Gym for Wes' class. It was a lot of fun to have him there with us and very helpful too! During warm up time we are always supposed to walk in a circle and I always have to carry Wesley because he would refuse to hold my hand and walk but with Nick there Wesley took a hold of each of our hands and walked around the circle with us a few times before getting tired and landing on his butt. We got to play with the balls and bells and bubbles again. And of course Wes loved all of that. But interestingly enough this time he just sat there staring at the teacher singing at the beginning of class instead of diving into the bells and bringing them to me one by one. By the end of class though he was all over the bells and Daddy even took him to get his hand stamped with a purple star. We also did a new skill of the week and he seemed to enjoy it with Daddy's help (rolling over on a huge wheel and then doing a forward roll to get off.) And his Daddy enjoyed pulling him around the matt's by his hands we even swung him a few times Nick holding his hands and me his feet. It was very fun and I hope Nick will be able to join us again.

Before yesterday Wes was up to 13 independent steps! Yesterday he walked pretty far and we didn't keep count but he was even walking from the playroom to our master bedroom where his daddy and grandpa were working and waving at grandpa as he walked! Nick and his dad even got to see Wes pull a straw out of a cup and put it back in over and over again (with a lid).

Wesley loves to say Uh oh now too and sometimes it still comes out just as OH but he tries really hard to say it you can tell. Oh and the other day I asked Wesley to say please as I handed him a smoothie in the morning for breakfast and he goes "Pwease" it was sooooo cute!! He has gotten better at saying thank you in sign language too.


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Recent favorite moments I don't want to forget

Date: Sunday July 27, 2008
Time: 3:06 PM
Mood: loved,
Current Nickname: litle guy

At Home:
Gives mom and dad kisses and smiles and looks so proud! His kisses are these cute smiles with his tongue sticking out pressed lightly against your cheek, today I saw a long string of drool when he pulled away from kissing his daddy's cheek lol! He also likes to lift my shirt and kiss my belly maybe he is practicing for when he has a baby brother or sister on the way or maybe he figures hey we kiss his tummy all the time so why not?

Gives me his stuffed animals and happily watches me snuggle with them.

pulls pillows off the couch when sleepy and burrows his face into them with a smile, lays on the pillow with me and smiles lovingly so cute.

Follows Daddy around everywhere on the weekends. Yesterday it seemed like every time I turned around he was back in our room watching daddy work on the wall or sitting by the garage door waiting for his Daddy to appear again. I got some video of him helping Daddy measure so cute!

At the gym:

Learned on his own to get down from a high surface feet first!! Kicked a ball well on first try and perfectly on second!!

Other notes:
I've been on antibiotics this week for a UTI and they say not to breastfeed while taking them. So I haven't been it's sad in a few ways. Wes still looks to nurse before going to sleep but he's dealing with it well I think it's just habit mostly.
last night Nick made us breakfast for dinner and Wes loved the hash browns and pancakes and real maple syrup he also loved the turkey bacon and eggs. This morning cub and I shared a cold pancake for breakfast and he loves them cold too just like his mama. His Daddy thinks cold pancakes are gross. ;)


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learning so much

Date: Thursday July 24, 2008
Time: 11:41 AM
Mood: Loved ,
Current Nickname: Sweet lil cub

Wesley is getting so good at walking yesterday he was even walking while holding a pen in one hand! and I think at one point he had a pen in one hand and a graham cracker in the other. He signed Thank You again after I asked him too and He was hitting me lightly and I said "Wesley be gentle" and showed him and then he rubbed my arm gently instead and now each time I have to say Wesley be gentle he will be gentle I'm so proud!! He bounces his giant blue rubber ball by throwing it up over his head and loves cause and effect games such as making grandma say Uh oh! and then saying Oh after her. and the other day he was banging a measuring cup on the floor and I'd do a little dance when he did it and he just laughed and smiled each time it is so cute! When we were in Phoenix Wesley took his first steps to me (3) at Grandma Betty's house!! And He has walked next to his daddy holding his hand too! Unfortunately I was in the bathroom at the time and didn't get to see it though.


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New Favorite cute things about Wes

Date: Thursday July 17, 2008
Time: 9:25 PM
Mood: kinda sleepy,
Current Nickname: Medium cub

Lets see first some things I can't remember if I've written down or not yet, I don't think so...

~Wes can stack 2 blocks together and work a few of the dials on his new multi jack-in-the box thing Laura gave him for his birthday.

~He knows sheep's say Baaa and showed me a toy sheep and said Baaa after I said told and said it to him.

~He knows how to brush his hair and likes to try to brush mine too.

~He recognizes my hair ties and knows they go in hair and tries to put them in his.

~He loves his new pair of shoes Samantha and I picked out at famous footwear and smiles and sometimes laughs when I put them on him and tires to put them on himself! (first time he's ever liked shoes)

~He looks so much bigger and older when he wears shoes especially when he is sitting in a shopping cart or riding on one of his toys and MOSTLY when he is sitting in a race car/ spaceship shopping cart

More foods he likes:
Tuna, salmon burgers, animal crackers, graham crackers, granola bars

This morning after Nick had left for work Wes and I were hanging out in the living room when suddenly he took 3 steps all by himself!! Before that he had gotten up to two steps alone at once so I was so excited for him. Later when Nick got home Wesley saw him and took 5 steps to his daddy all by himself again!! It was so exciting. He looked kinda surprised that we (grandma, aunt sam , mom and dad) were all cheering for him so excitedly though as if he didn't realize what he'd just done. We are so proud of him!

Wes had his one year check up Dr. Moussa is so wonderful! She always takes time to just play with Wes for a minute and tell him he's cute and stuff. Of course the second she picks him up he turns bright red and screams because he is going through a separation anxiety phase. It was really cute though she was listening to his chest and she had this little frog on her stethoscope and it lit up and croaked and he just got a kick out of it and laughed. She let him hold her stethoscope for a while and he figured out how to turn the frog on by himself. Very cute!

Anyway Wes weighed in at 20 pounds 13 ounces (between 10 and 25th percentile)
and 29 1/4 inches (25th percentile)


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Wesley's birthday weekend

Date: Sunday July 6, 2008
Time: 6:34 PM
Mood: Loved,
Current Nickname: Mr. Tickle

Wow what a wonderful way to celebrate our little guy turning 1!! We had so much fun this weekend! On Thursday morning after Nick got up we opened presents with Wesley and he did a good job actually with that.

Later after Wesley's nap Nick, his dad and I took Wes to the Picture People in the mall and did photos. Wes was very very good! He got a bit tired of it though and started saying "mama" "mama" and crawling off the photo stage area towards me. Sweet but sad. Actually ever since the day before his birthday he's been saying "mama" a lot. Whenever he wants me. Nick said that today after his afternoon nap when he went in to get Wes he looked at him and said "mama!" so cute.

Anyway while we waited for our photos to print we went to the toy store in the mall and spent the birthday money that Nick's grandma had sent. We got Wes a ride on toy and some magnets for the fridge. Then it was off to Mimi's cafe for lunch. We were seated in a booth so instead of putting Wes in the restaurants high chair off the side of the table ( we forgot to bring our own ) I let him sit in the booth with me, well actually he stood most the time. But he was very good about it, especially since he was approaching his afternoon nap time. They brought him out a little baby appetizer platter for free with saltine crackers,cheerios and an orange. He liked the crackers a lot and LOVED the orange!

Nick, grandpa and I all kept saying to each other wow Wesley is 1 today!! It is so amazing to me that our little guy is already a year old!

Friday he already seemed so much older! In the early afternoon Nick cut Wesley's hair for the first time! We are both so proud of how well Wesley did with that. He was very good and thought it was fun for the most part. Of course he didn't want to wear the smock thing though. After Wesley's haircut we changed him into a new shirt so he wouldn't be itchy (a tank top) and went to Target and Walgreen's so I could pick up some last minute things for making Wes' cake and also party supplies. Anyway with the haircut and the tank top on Wesley looked about 2 years older to me! It was amazing! And since then other people have commented without me saying anything that he looks older since the hair cut as well. I think Nick did an awesome job and I'm so glad we have the baby hair clippers set.

When we got home Nick took Wes to a friend's BBQ party while I stayed home and worked on his birthday cakes. I had so much fun making and especially decorating them for him. Nick and Wes got home right as I was finishing up the big frog cake and before I started Wes' little one. Wesley seemed very interested in the big cake and reached for it several times it's nice it survived til the party lol! Oh and he is so smart! learning more and more each day! another thing he did was grab my hand when we were all laying down together and waved it and said "bye"! I guess he figured we used to do that to him so why not LOL!

After Wes went to bed Nick and I went out front for a few minutes to try to capture some fireworks on video tape for Wes but they were too small and too far away and/or obstructed view. It had been raining and so on our way back up to our hose we saw a frog! It was so cute! and Very tiny!! We thought we video taped that but we must have forgot to hit record! Sorry Wesley!

Saturday of course was the day of Wesley's party. We started decorating about 930 am Nick hauled over the big stuff and I had Wes in the baby snugli thing and we decorated the tables and such. Nick was very sweet and tied a yellow ballon to the snugli so that Wes could play with it and we tried to get him to blow through one of those party favor things but he just chewed on the end instead. He liked when we did it though.

We had a great time at the party and Wes did very well too. He was a bit clingy but there were a lot of people around and I noticed today he has a new tooth again so I bet it was working it's way out causing him to be fussy too.

The highlight of the party was definately cake time. Wesley was sooo cute!!! first he didn't want to be put in the high chair. Then he saw the cake coming and sat still. I put it in front of him and he kinda looked at it and delicately poked it with his fingers and hit it with his hand. After that he just stuck his whole face in it!! Everyone loved that part! By the end he was covered in blue and green icing and there was cake everywhere. Good thing we stripped him down to his diaper first.

To clean him up I stripped off his diaper and dunked him in the kiddie pool he thought that was a lot of fun. Wesley got so many presents we don't know what to do with some of them storage wise but he loves them all! I think we will put some away and try to rotate them out or something maybe.

Let's see what else.... Oh he can now do sign language for thank you and blow kisses and he looked amazingly cute and adorable at the mall today talking on his baby cell phone he looked so serious and put the phone to his ear and said "Hi" then looked the other way did some hand gestures and talked busily in some baby gibberish as if he were having a most important and very cute conversation!!!! Melted my heart! :) He is also very proud of himself and happy looking when he sits in the new chair Melinda's mom Pam got him sooo cute!!!!


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Last day before Wesley turns 1!!

Date: Wednesday July 2, 2008
Time: 10:16 AM
Mood: sentimental, happy, anxious, excited,
Current Nickname: Wesley baby

Wow Wesley is almost one! How did this year go bye so fast! He seems bigger everyday and feels bigger too. Now when I sit with him in the rocking chair in his room his feet go past the edge and he just looks so big compared to the tiny newborn I first held there.

Tomorrow Wesley will be a whole year old! Nick is taking the day off of work and we are going to spend a nice family day together. We have an appointment in the morning to get our photos taken at the mall and then we plan to head over to Mimi's cafe for lunch. Wesley will finally be able to wear the cute birthday onesie I bought for him in Orlando at the Carter's outlet store. In the afternoon we will probably just rest at home and of course at 9:05pm we will try to quietly sneak into Wes' room and get a photo of him without waking him up!

This morning Nick made Wes a bottle with the last of the formula we have so it's all whole milk now. Except for a few remaining formula packets for when we are out and about. I might keep buying those simply because Wes often asks for milk while we are doing errands and I'd have no way to keep the other stuff cold.

We got our puppy Chase but it's not really working out. Wesley is happy to see him and wants to pet him but Chase always moves away. He's nipped Wes a few times but Wes has laughed it off each time. Chase doesn't seem aggressive just not interested in playing with Wes. He yelps a lot at night too which makes it difficult to crate train him. And Wesley is jealous whenever I pick up or pay any attention to the dog.

Right now I'm trying to get Wesley to take his morning nap and Chase is in my lap as I type this. Here's a few random things I want to write down so I don't forget.

Wesley understood me on Monday night when I said " Wes can you give daddy a kiss?" and he did it!

Wesley will sit on the floor with a toy or something and then spin in circles by kicking his legs and sliding on his butt!

The other day I asked him can I have a kiss and he said ya and gave me a kiss

He signs Milk all the time now and even when I say milk or do you want milk without signing he will sign it. and it's really cute when he finishes a bottle and then holds it out and signs milk over and over for a refill!

He eats broccoli by the handful.

He can turn lights on and off by the switch and our remote control.

This morning I asked him something I can't remember if it was for a kiss or if he wanted more smoothie and he said NO.

We tried his swim vest in the pool yesterday and he didn't like it at all and cried really loudly until I took it off. It didn't really support his weight too well either.

When Nick and his dad set up Wes' sand and water table Wes hadn't really napped too well and so when Nick put his hand in the sand Wes drew it back really quick and gave his daddy a "why did you do that!?" look. He eventually warmed up a few minutes or so later and now LOVES to play in the table especially opening the plug so the water drains back out.

He loves it when the garage door opens and closes and we usually will stand in the garage when Nick is leaving for work and wave bye and Wes usually also says Bye and waves and we watch the door close and also when he gets home from work too.

He loves his bath and will race to the bathroom when he hears the tub filling with water.

He loves to flush the toilet and play with the toilet paper.

He likes to wave to himself and say Hi in the mirror.

He loves to open and close doors but accidentally hurt his finger doing it yesterday.

Yesterday he also learned to open both trash cans in the kitchen reach in and take trash out!! YUCK!

He loves to play with baby gate and open the drawers in the kitchen.

He usually will keep doing something and smile as I am telling him not too. And then if I pick him up and move him away he cries but thankfully gets over it fast with a new toy or something to do instead.

He is very smart and understands so much! I am very proud of him for coming when I call. At Story time last week I called to him twice and motioned with my hand for him to come and he came both times also at the little Gym.

He has his 6th tooth coming in! I noticed it on Sunday but then was zoomed in really close on a photo we took on Saturday to get the red eye taken out and noticed it in the photo! I don't know how we managed to miss another new tooth with brushing them twice a day and all but they just pop up fst now!


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Kisses, steps balls and spoons.

Date: Thursday June 26, 2008
Time: 8:29 PM
Mood: Loved,
Current Nickname: Sweet litle guy, my pumpkin pie!

Wesley has learned to give kisses now! It is the sweetest thing in the world to get a kiss from him! I love being a Mom!!! :) This morning in his room we were sitting in his rocking chair and I asked him "Wesley can I have a kiss?" and he very lightly leaned over and gave me a somewhat wet kiss on the cheek. a few minutes later I asked again and he gave me two that time! He is so sweet. Of course I kept asking at random points in the day and I got a few more wet kisses on the cheek he is so sweet. And then at bedtime I asked him to give daddy a kiss while he was holding him and he did it was so sweet!

Yesterday when Blanca was over for our parents as teachers meeting Wesley tried to stack his play balls together the small one on top of the big one and he actually got it for a second before they rolled away! He also was standing on his own and I told Blanca to look and then he took a step all by himself! Today similarly I was sitting with him on the floor of the playroom also and he was standing up holding on to my shoulder then he lets go and took two steps to the side (right) all on his own! I am so proud of him I can't wait until his daddy gets to see him do that too.

At lunch today he was holding an empty spoon and playing with it while it was turned over so I took a bean from his lunch and sat it on top of the spoon and he got a big smile and picked it off then tried to set it back on! he is so cute and so smart oh and I almost forgot today he learned how to knock on doors but with his hand open.. and to turn lights on and off with the switch! his knowledge of up and down lead into on and off and it went well.

And I think he said "up" today too when I was picking him up and asking him to say up. AND we went for a walk in the rain today to get the mail and he had so much fun he even said bye to the rain when we got back inside oh and a little earlier as we were standing in the rain he wanted to hold the umbrella and then a big gust of wind came and blew our umbrella inside out and we laughed! Wow a lot more happened today that I almost forgot about...

Oh and he seems to really like the toddler formula i gave it to him last night before bed for the first time and he didn't seem to notice a difference but then tonight he couldn't seem to get enough of it.


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More random things I need to write down before I forget!

Date: Tuesday June 24, 2008
Time: 1:20 PM
Mood: forgetfull,
Current Nickname: cub

Lets see a few days ago I was blowing bubbles for cub while he was in the tub and one landed right in his mouth! So cute!! (he didn't mind, maybe because they were apple scented?)

We're getting a puppy named Chase he's a bichon frise and is a purebred coming from South Dakota. Wesley loves dogs!

We got Wes a sand and water table for his birthday.

This morning I showed Wes once how to put a ball in his toy and it would come out the other end and after that he did it over and over and over again all by himself and even tried each hole to find the one that was easiest to push the ball through then when his daddy came over he picked it up and showed him and said "Ball" so he says Ball now

Samantha hung out with us yesterday and Wes always gets a kick out of having her over.

I made spicy red beans and rice a few days ago with spicy sausage and Wes LOVED it!

He has tried strawberries and whole eggs (scrambled) and likes both and didn't have any allergic reactions so he's tried all the high allergy stuff now even pineapple and been fine except nuts we're still waiting on that and he hasn't had oranges or orange juice yet either. He had his first French fry at carls Jr (one of his daddy's criss cut fries) and liked that a lot. He Loves pina colada eegees. He loves fruit smoothies my sweetie makes every morning (well almost every morning) and sips em through a straw.

He has lots of straw cups and loves them. He doesn't really like sippy cups.

He's had whole milk and likes it fine. We're still giving him bottles of formula to use up what's left and he is pretty much done nursing now. He still loves vegetables more than anything else and last night ate mostly green beans (whole) for dinner.

He loves Parmesan flavored mac and cheese but not really regular cheddar mac and cheese. Although he likes shredded cheddar cheese on its own.


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Date: Tuesday June 24, 2008
Time: 12:58 PM
Mood: sentemental,
Current Nickname: LuvaCubba

Oh my goodness it is only 9 short days until my little guy is a year old!! I can hardly believe that this time last year I was pregnant and wondering what it would be like to have a son and what would he look like? and even what day would he be born.

And now here it is almost his first birthday and he's this little man that's already more like a kid than a baby. This year has gone by so fast and I sometimes wish I could just hit rewind for a minute and go back to those days when he was a newborn and just breathe him in again and snuggle him close while he sleeps.

Now he's already so big and leaning so much everyday and he's so independant wanting to do everything by himself. How did he grow up so fast!? I am so proud of the little guy he has already beome and am really looking forward to every new development and chance to cheer him on.

But I will always look back in my mind to when I first held him as a baby and smile. All I can do is praise the Lord for this wonderful miracle and blessing in our lives! It wasn't long ago that I wondered if I'd ever be a mom and now my prayers have been answered and I feel so much joy knowing that I was chosen to be Wesley's mama and nothing can ever change that!

And I know one day many years from now when Wesley has a son I will sit with him in my arms and kiss his forhead and tell him stories of when his daddy was my little cub. And maybe then Wesley will be able to understand just how much love his daddy and I have for him too.


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Lots of stufff

Date: Thursday June 19, 2008
Time: 6:42 PM
Mood: Sick,
Current Nickname: Little Frog

Today Wes stood alone for a really long time while we were eating eeges He was just standing there sipping pina colada through the straw and then trying to spoon feed me too it was so neat!
I also caught him trying to eat his toy superman ball! There were big chunks missing and foam all around him mouth thank God he didn't actually eat any of it!
Wesley also took a step alone from me to a bar stool without holding onto anything!! It was way neat
He says bye a lot now too and even knows when to use it. Today on the phone with his daddy I asked him to say bye and he did so sweet!
I think he's said no
He now waves to babies on TV and in photos and notices babies almost said hi baby
put toy through right shape on his own. Will give me a toy or something if I ask. Laughs sometimes when i tell him No and will keep doing it just to test me. and yesterday he stood alone in the pool and then took a step in the water and I was so proud of him for standing and I was clapping as he was standing and he accidentally went under for a second but was fine!
Wesley also went under water when I blew in his face but it took many tries to get him to close his mouth because he thinks it funny and then he must not have closed it all the way because he came back up coughing a bit
when I was away at a baby shower nick told me Wesley said mama when I was gone a couple times as if to say where's mama? and then when I called to tell them I was on my way home nick put me on speaker phone and I got to hear the cub say hi to me!
He now says hi anytime I'm on the phone and loves to say hi to the people I'm on the phone with he even will put his hand to his ear (or a toy) and say hi as if hes on the phone too
and he will meow like a kitty sometimes too


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Date: Monday June 9, 2008
Time: 8:52 AM
Mood: Busy,
Current Nickname: Little Cub

We went camping for the first time this weekend with our young married couples fellowship group at our church. Three other couples went with us. We had a great time and Wesley especially loved being able to crawl around in dirt and on cement for the first time. I was so worried that he'd tip over and hit his head! He learned a new word on Saturday morning when I was getting him ready by putting on his sunblock. He had grabbed the bottle from me and I was trying to pry it out of his strong grip and he yells "Hey!!" Lol. I think he picked that up from his daddy! Of course I sometimes say Hey to him too...

Anyway It was a lot of fun and we had a good time with the other couples and kids. Nick and I even got Wesley a pocket knife from a gift store they had up the mountain after our hike with "Wes" already engraved on it. We figure it would be nice for him to have when he is older of course until then we will be keeping it safely out of his reach! Wesley also rolled a coffee can back and forth with his daddy while making ice cream and that was the first time he'd done that as well as the first time he'd rolled anything back and forth with someone. Usually he'd just push it away and then go crawling off.

Wesley had so much fun that he didn't nap at all except for about 10 minutes in the car ride up the mountain to hike and then about an hour on the way down the mountain to go home. And he only slept 9 hours through the night instead of his usual 12. But he was very good and not cranky while he was up.

He also has been saying "hi" for a while now but while we were camping it really began to spill from him he'd say "hi" to just about anything or anyone. Such as rocks and trees and even the fire! It was so cute. He also would sit and watch his daddy from a few feet away doing things like washing the dishes or taking down the tent and would just stare at him and say "hi" over and over again just hoping his daddy would hear him and say "hi" back sometimes he'd even add in a wave and a daddy to his Hi" and do a mini sentence! So cute. Unfortunately most of the time Nick was too far away to hear Wes and I'd have to tell him say "hi" to Wesley. But it was very cute!!

Then Sunday afternoon when we got home Wes was so into what his daddy was doing putting away al our gear he was trying to keep up with him crawling after him from room to room and saying "Hi" to him. He even stood up and looked out the window saying "hi daddy" and waiting for him to come back in the house with more gear. He is such a loving little boy and he loves his daddy so much. It was so cute to see hear him saying "hi" so much he even picked up his toy cell phone and said "hi" over and over into it! Of course when we got out the real phone to call grandma so he could say "hi" to her he was too interested in the real phone to do anything but try to grab it!


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New words Wes says and understands

Date: Friday June 6, 2008
Time: 8:24 AM
Mood: excited,
Current Nickname: Baby

-B (seems to mean bottle of milk)



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New today

Date: Sunday June 1, 2008
Time: 8:57 PM
Mood: Calm,
Current Nickname: Cubba

Today Wesley snapped his fingers for the first time on purpose and it even make a sound! Sammy and I were out front with him while Nick was nailing a beam down into our floor so he can put up a wall in our master bedroom and I saw him kinda playing with his fingers so I snapped mine and Sammy snapped hers and then Wesley watched and snapped his! A few minutes later inside on our bed I asked Wesley to snap while snapping my own fingers and sure enough he did! It seems he is doing something new everyday now. He even at lunch today after church was sitting in his grandma's lap and playing with his toy cell phone with her and leaned into the phone and said "HI" that is the first time he's said "hi" into the toy phone. He is so smart! Tonight Aunt Sammy is sleeping over and she even got Wesley to eat his dinner of couscous and chicken and veggies and apple juice. Which is great because lately just about the only thing I can get cub to eat are veggie crisps luckily they are good for him so it's ok.


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Date: Saturday May 31, 2008
Time: 9:25 PM
Mood: Tired,
Current Nickname: Baby

New things Wesley learned today:

- To put the coaster(s) back in their holder and to do it when asked.
- Where his ear is and to touch it when asked! :)

Wesley's new favorite foods are baked snack peas and veggie crisps. It's all I could even get him to eat for dinner tonight. (He likes the peas the most) He is doing a lot better drinking water and juice. But lately hasn't wanted much meat at all (even salmon one of his new faves). And I don't know if I mentioned it or not before but he also can clap when you ask him too. We got new bedroom furniture delivered today.


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Date: Tuesday May 27, 2008
Time: 4:08 PM
Mood: Happy,
Current Nickname: Wesley Wesley that I love Wesley Wesley Wesley Cub!

This morning Wesley and I went swimming at our community pool for the first time with our friends Melinda and Emma. It was a lot of fun. I wish I'd have remembered to bring my camera to the pool but Melinda had hers so we will have to share pictures :) The kids had a great time splashing and Wesley loved seeing Emma play in the water too.

It was so sweet to hear him laughing as I threw him up in the air and then caught him and made him splash the water on his way back down. He loved being spun around too and was even good about being in his baby floaty but he kept leaning over the side to splash in the water and accidentally swallowed pool water a couple of times.

He was so good at the pool. I had him sitting on top of a table while I put his sunblock on and he sat very still and didn't try to crawl away and he was very patient the whole time too. Of course he kept wanting me to let go of him in the pool so he could crawl around. He obviously doesn't realize it's not like the tub and that I can't let go of him in there. But he was good about it as long as I kept him moving and splashing!


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A weekend packed with firsts

Date: Tuesday May 27, 2008
Time: 4:02 PM
Mood: Loved,
Current Nickname: Little Dude

This weekend we had a lot of fun. And wesley had a lot of new things going on here's a list:

-His second top tooth broke through the gums
-He learned how to flush the toilet (3 times!)
-He learned how to point with one finger
-He learned how to clap
-He was in a tent for the first time (at his friend Connor's birthday party)
-He bit his tongue for the first time
-He learned that you put the phone to your ear and what a phone is called

Last night he was in the bath tub and was waving his hands and arms around and ended up meeting his two hands together under the water so I made a big fuss of it and he brought his hands out of the water and did it again and I got all excited and told him he was clapping and then he kept doing it and I called Nick in to the room and he clapped and then Wesley clapped and it was so fun! Later that night when we went to our married couples group at church Wesley showed everyone how he can clap.

He also was playing with his phone and I had the other one and I put it up to my ear and was pretending to talk on it and Wesley picked his up and I showed him how to put it to his ear and then he did it on his own. Then I put it in the toy box with all the other toys and asked him to pick up his phone and put it to his ear and he did! Without my pointing to it or anything. So now we know he knows the word "phone" it was so cute to see him figure that out. Sometimes now he will also try putting his toy truck to his ear or something too it's sweet.


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So Sweet

Date: Friday May 23, 2008
Time: 8:21 AM
Mood: excited,
Current Nickname: little guy

This morning Wes and I were playing in the family room and his Daddy comes out of our room and as soon as Wesley sees him he lights up and says "Daddy!" "Hi!" and Waves with his hand by his head(usually he would just sorta stick it straight out in front of him) and then holds up his toy truck for his Daddy to see. It was so sweet!

He also has begun to drink from my water bottle on his own. He'd been doing it with my help for some time. But now he will pick it up and drink from it all on his own without even making a mess! And this is a big and heavy bottle when full. Lets see what else is he doing now... Oh he's working on clapping. He will try now and sometimes keep both hands open instead of knocking his fists together but he still hasn't gotten it just yet.

Yesterday morning he was sitting on the couch with his daddy and he looked over at me and did this kinda new wave he has that is more of a hand signal really ... He'll stick his arm out and bend his hand inwards and open and close it to tell you to give him something or come here basically it's "I want" anyway he did that looks at me and goes "Mom" I was so excited I had to pick him up out of his daddy's lap and give him kisses. He hardly ever calls me mom usually he'll just call me dadda because it's easier for him to say. I hope he'll say mom more soon.

His grandma brought him some bath toys and he decided right away the frog was his favorite.

Oh and he has been responding to simple instructions more and more. He's known no for a while now and I am so proud of him for listening when I tell him No. He also understands when I can't see him anymore like if he crawls down the hallway while I'm in another room and I'll say " Wesley I can't see you where are you come back" and he will come back! Well most the time :) and then today I asked him to both give me a toy and his spoon (at separate times) and he did each time I asked. He is doing so well and I'm so proud of him. He has also begun to replace things when he takes them from somewhere he'll for instance nab the coaster rack from the coffee table look at it for a while and then put it back! I am really trying to encourage this whenever I see it so that he will make a habit of putting things away when he is done.

Oh and he had his 10 month assessment yesterday and we were told that he is ahead of the usual development for a 10 month old in both his intellect and physical. He walks with his push walker and will pick it up and move it to keep going if it gets stuck against the wall. And he was able to fit a toy back together and pull it apart over and over again instead of just banging it around. He also for the first time yesterday and it just happened to be during the assessment opened his toy box completely on his own. He had been able to pull it out from under the couch and open the lid for a few months but yesterday for the first time he also unlocked it and then opened the lid and took out his toy!

I am so proud of him because he is such a loving sweet and motivated little guy and he is such a blessing from the Lord! I know that all Wesley's accomplishments are because the Lord has blessed him.


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Hi / Buh- Ba

Date: Wednesday May 14, 2008
Time: 8:22 AM
Mood: Happy,
Current Nickname: Sweetie Pie

This morning (8am ish) Little Cub waved Hi to me for the very first time a few times he has kinda lifted his hand but this time he was in his daddy's lap with his bottle and a book and I was waving and saying Hi to him. His daddy says "say hi to mama" and he put his left hand in the air and says "Hi" it was sooooo cute!!! then a few minutes later as Nick was leaving for work we were standing at the door to the garage and same thing I asked him to wave bye bye to daddy. He puts out his left hand and says "Buh ba" it was so cute! He has never tried to say bye bye before. Awww it was the sweetest thing ever! He also says "Ikea" whenever he is excited/happy now :) Plus today so far no fever for the cubba.


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bunch a stuff

Date: Monday May 12, 2008
Time: 10:36 AM
Mood: busy,
Current Nickname: Cubba

Wesley is so cute eating bananas. He used to not like them at all and now he eats em all the time and even will play and crawl around with a banana in one hand and toys in the other. It is very cute. He even will peel them himself (once you get it started of course). On the 5th I asked Wesley "can you say Hi Kitty Cat?" and he said in his sweet little voice "Hi kii kaa" it was so cute! He did it 2 more times minutes later when I asked and still sometimes does. He also says "Ikea" a lot too. He still only very rarely says Mom or mama and I'm not sure it's really on purpose. a lot of times when you ask him to say mama he just smiles and laughs other times he'll say dadda. A few days ago I let him try some of my chocolate milk and he took a sip and smiled this big grin and kinda laughed a bit he thought it was funny so cute! Then on mothers day I let him have a bit of a chocolate ice cream cone and he loved that at first he thought it was funny and smiled and laughed but then he just went to town on the cone and got the little bit of ice cream that was left at the bottom all over his face! He got so messy I had to change his shirt. Of course he had banana and milk all over him too. This morning before Nick left for work Wes was on the living room floor playing with 3 coasters he swiped down from the coffee table and was just laughing as he kept banging them together he was even holding them 2 in one hand and one in the other at the same time. Lately I've noticed he likes to bang things and try to pull things apart. For instance also this morning he got a hold of a tissue box and pulled out 3 tissues before I took it from him then he sat there ripping the tissues apart! Last night in the tub he pulled and pulled so hard over and over again on a foam letter W that it became an N and then an I and I had to take it away. I'm not sure why he's doing that but he seems to think it's funny. For Mother's day my sweetie made me a handmade card and got me flowers and a digital photo frame. We went to church with family and then out to lunch at McDonald's because we figured all the nice places would be packed and it's right by the zoo where we went afterwards then we stopped by the hospital and visited his mom for a bit before going home. It was a long fun and wonderful day and I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with being Wesley's mama!!


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Busy Month

Date: Wednesday April 30, 2008
Time: 1:42 PM
Mood: Sentimental,
Current Nickname: Wes

Wow it's been a whole month since my last blog! I feel so bad about that. Wesley has been up to a lot. Lets see...On April 1st we headed down to the airport to catch a flight to Orlando so we could extend Nick's business trip into our first family vacation. However things didn't work out exactly as planned because our flight ended up being delayed and then eventually canceled due to American airlines having maintenance issues. We came home for the night and left the next morning instead. We had the best vacation ever though! It was so much fun! We went to SeaWorld twice and also to Universal Studios and Ripley's believe it or not museum. Of course we took a bunch of photos and I am working on compiling them into an album as well as a scrapbook.

Wesley has been doing a lot of standing and cruising and just this past week or so has begun walking on his own while using a toy such as a push walker or activity table . He also has been talking a lot more and says "dadda" "Daddy" "baba" "mom" "mama" "Hi" and "ya" and it sounds like he tries to say "kitty" as well. His favorite word is any variation of "daddy" Most likely because of the reaction Nick gave him when he said it the first time. So cute!


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Wesley's first Easter!

Date: Sunday March 30, 2008
Time: 5:41 PM
Mood: Happy,
Current Nickname: JellyBean

We had such a wonderful first Easter with our son! It was a beautiful day. First we went to church but because it was Easter our church held a special service at the convention center and Wesley was allowed to sit with us there. We brought along his booster seat and he sat between us happily playing and snacking on his Cheerios the whole time. He was so good even when he accidentally bonked his head on the seat he only cried for a moment and not enough to cause a big distraction of even people around us really. After that we all gathered at Nick's mom's house and had a nice big family dinner of roast lamb and the older kids had an egg hunt. It was great that Wesley's uncle jesse was even able to stop by for dinner. Nick and I couldn't help but keep saying to each other with big smiles on our faces "it's Wesley's first Easter!!" We were so excited to be sharing the special day with him! Last year on Easter I was still pregnant with Wesley and then all we could think about was how neat it would be this Easter to have him here to share in the day with us! It was even better than Christmas I think. Wesley got to try some lamb and some scalloped potatoes as well as a cream cheese dip. He loved it all! He also got many Easter gifts. Like the wind up musical lamb he picked out for himself when I took him by Gospel Supplies for some Easter gifts for the other kids.


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Date: Saturday March 22, 2008
Time: 6:58 PM
Mood: Sick :( ,
Current Nickname: Brussel sprout

On Friday the 21st. Wesley, Sammy and I went over to visit Nana and Max. Wesley had pulled up to stand on Nana's coffee table. At the same time I was getting a bottle ready for him. I handed him his bottle expecting him to take it and sit down but instead he grabbed a hold of it with both hands and kept standing!! He stood there holding his bottle and nothing else for a good 30 seconds before suddenly realizing he wasn't holding onto anything and leaned forward and grabbed the table! He didn't cry or anything but it was amazing to see! I called his daddy at work and told him all about it. Then today when we were in the van driving to pickup some new clothes we stopped at a light and right next to us was a truck pulling a horse trailer. Wesley could see the horse's face through his window and got scared and began to cry it was so sad/cute! Tomorrow is Wesley's first Easter. Unfortunately he came down with a cold yesterday and isn't feeling very well.....


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Almost forgot

Date: Tuesday March 18, 2008
Time: 1:37 PM
Mood: sleepy,
Current Nickname: Lil' bit

We noticed on Sunday that Wesley has been making a lot of new sounds. They have different intonations and are strung together just like words and are usually directed at something specific like he's trying to actually talk but they are so cute a lot of gagas and stuff!


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Things have been so busy

Date: Tuesday March 18, 2008
Time: 12:46 PM
Mood: content,
Current Nickname: Lil' Bit

Wesley is growing at such a quick rate I can hardly keep up and I pray I'll be able to remember it all. Lets see... He is doing very well with eating solid foods and prefers regular table foods to the pureed stuff. He loves to feed himself and is very good at chewing and most of the things he feeds himself now make it into his mouth rather than the floor. Just about 2 days ago I re introduced him to the tippy cup. I've tried a few times before and he never really liked it preferring his bottle instead. But now he is getting the hang of the cup and will even drink small amounts of juice. Previously he would always make a disgusted face when I offered him juice. However he became a little constipated so I had to try again and this time it went over better. He is even drinking plain water out of the cups and a little bit of formula too. 2 weekends ago we took him down to the botanical gardens and he had so much fun! He cried at a millipede that Grandma was holding and was the first one to have a butterfly land on him in the butterfly garden. We ate lunch there and he complained as I tried to feed him jarred baby food so I sat him in my lap and let him have some of my lunch and he loved it especially the Kalamata olives! He didn't even make a face at them! I tried one and was so grossed out!! He must get his love of olives from his aunt Neenie! He also had some hummus and pasta and roast beef and loved it all! The following weekend We took him to the zoo and bought a membership. They've added a few things to the zoo like an area for the kids to play in with some fake grass and Wesley had so much fun crawling around and trying to stand. That's his new thing is not just pulling up to stand but trying to stand without holding on to anything at all! for a while he was getting up with his feet and hands on the floor but now he mostly tries it by just pushing straight up on his feet! He is one strong kid. He has also been doing very well with his naps and even has taken some double long afternoon naps the past couple of days. He must be growing again. My little Cub is such a sweetie pie. For a while he was going through this phase that lasted about a week where he would cry whenever I was out of sight. And he wasn't letting me put him in the tub for a couple days too. But He is pretty much back to normal now. Blanca says it was probably some separation anxiety. He is a very independent little dude. Whenever he doesn't want to be stopped from playing to do things like change a poopy diaper or take a bath or be put in a stroller anything really especially being put in a seat he will cry and complain and the second you stop or distract him with something ( lately animal sounds ) he's fine. Its funny and a little annoying at times too. I know he is just testing the limits. Overall he is such a joy though and really thats about the only time he complains is if he doesn't want to be strapped down in a seat or something.


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8 months old today

Date: Monday March 3, 2008
Time: 7:26 AM
Mood: content,
Current Nickname: Little pumpkin

Wesley is so cute. This past month was a big one for him he signed milk for the first time, pulled up to stand on his own for the first time and even followed with his eyes when I pointed at something. He is growing up so fast and although he 's only been up about 2 hours has had quite a busy day already. This morning when I was answering email I caught him trying to eat cat food and had to fish about 3 pieces out of his mouth and a couple from his hand! then he was all over in his play area and on the couch cruising trying to get around while hanging on to things like his toy boxes. He is in his crib right now trying to take his morning nap. I love Wesley so much and I know the Lord has big plans for his life.


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Date: Thursday February 28, 2008
Time: 4:56 PM
Mood: Hungry,
Current Nickname: Sleepy Mc Sleepersonly

Wesley is getting great at feeding himself finger foods and he has now begun to eat meat, well chicken at least. On Sunday after church we went to La Parilla Suiza with family and I ordered Wesley a side of rice it turned out it was cooked in chicken broth and he loved it. So Yesterday he tried a jar of chicken and vegetable baby food and loved that too. I usually make his baby food but had a jar on hand so I let him have that instead since I don't have any cooked chicken yet. He also now has a push walker that he has to stand and hold onto but so far he is still wanting to just stand not walk. Today Wesley and I met up with his daddy for lunch at the pizza hut by his work and Wesley was so cute sitting in his high chair on top of the table at our booth. He ate some cheesy pasta from the buffet and part of a pizza crust. He was so cute though he chewed up the pizza crust so fast but didnt swallow and just kept chewing off more so I swiped some of it from his mouth and he wasn't too happy about that He'd probably have been fine but we were about to leave anyway and I didn't want to take any chances. It seems like I always have lots I want to type up so I don't forget and then I sit down to type and my mind goes blank this is kinda frustrating I know there was more I wanted to mention I'll try to remember and get back to it.


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Getting good at standng alone

Date: Wednesday February 20, 2008
Time: 8:57 PM
Mood: proud,
Current Nickname: Sweetest little boy

Today at our playgroup Wesley was very interested in Tabitha's toy that shoots balls into the air and pulled himself up to stand and play with it a couple times I was right behind him but he did it on his own and made it look easy. He is a quick learner. Then this afternoon right before his bath he pulled himself up to stand on a big bag of cat food from costco that we haven't opened yet and is on our office floor. He looked so proud of himself it was so sweet and we are very proud of him too. There was also an eclipse tonight and I took some photos of Wesley and I at the swings in our neighborhood but somehow they got deleted by accident from our camera! Yesterday Wesley tried cheerios for the first time and now he loves them today he also tried broccoli for the first time and likes that too he is also fond of asparagus and couscous as well as those fruit/veggie puffs.


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Cute things Wesley does

Date: Tuesday February 19, 2008
Time: 8:20 PM
Mood: Sleepy,
Current Nickname: Teddy Bear

I love how when Wesley and I go for a walk in his stroller he keeps his left leg sticking straight out and his right leg bent at the knee. Sometimes he will have them both sticking straight out and if I lean the stroller on its back wheels with the front wheels off the ground he'll put his right leg down! so cute! Wesley is also pulling up to stand now. On Feb 9th I came into his room to get him after a nap and he was sitting up in his crib for the first time. Then just two nights ago I walked into his room and he was standing in his crib! He is pulling up to stand on things now but mostly he will just get up on his hands and feet and try to push himself up to stand. We worry he's going to fall backward and hit his head on our hard floors. He is now taking baths in the regular tub and sits up very well. But he likes to try to crawl in the tub! He has these foam alphabet letters that stick to the wall of the tub and he loves to chew on them especially the "W" and "X". He even takes them with him when we get him out of the tub and they end up all over the house. Lately Nick has been busy wiring for our new Tv so there is a big hole in our bathroom wall which is right behind the TV the first time Wesley noticed it he seemed confused. He has been going through a phase where he doesn't want to breastfeed very much he would rather just have solids or a bottle so I've been pumping again. But then tonight he didn't want to eat dinner at all and went to bed by 5pm I thought for sure he'd wake up hungry but so far so good. On Friday Wesley's grandma watched him for a few hours so Nick and I could go out to dinner with a group of friends. She got to feed him dinner and give him his bath and put him to bed in their new apartment. I am so proud of Wesley to hear that he went right to bed! He recognized his bedtime routine even without me or his dad there! Wesley has a very good grandma to be able to get him to bed no problem like that! Wesley's dad also got him to bed the weekend before on his own too. It was sad because that was the first time I've missed Wesley's bedtime routine but I suppose it was good practice for when Grandma did it. I feel like there is more I wanted to write about but I can't remember right now I will have to try to get back to writing blogs more often. I don't want to forget anything!


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Already more than half a year old!

Date: Wednesday February 6, 2008
Time: 6:12 PM
Mood: sleepy,
Current Nickname: Wesley mc wigler

Wow Wesley is now 7 months old! He has 2 teeth and can sit on his own and loves to eat new foods today he tried a baked pea for the first time and seemed to like it. A few days or a week ago something like that I was on the floor with him while he was playing and I picked up his toy pig and oinked and he looked at me with a huge toothy grin and laughed so I did the other animals that were nearby as well and he just cracked up. It was so cute because I had all his animal toys set up in front of him and whenever he would touch one I'd make that sound and if he touched two at once I'd do both and he just laughed so hard which made me laugh and then he laughed harder it was SO cute and SO fun! I love my sweet little cub. It was a very nice and unexpected time that we got to share together and I just thank the Lord for it so much! Now anytime I make an animal sound he lights up it is so cute. I want to get a book with pictures of different animals so I can show him more. Tonight Cub and I went on a crawling spree throughout the house for the first time and it was fun. I had left him on the floor in his room while I went to the bathroom and when I came back he was all smiles so I got down with him to crawl and he got even happier and decided to explore the house with me so we crawled from his room to the office and explored in there including the cat food and water and the cat. Thankfully I caught him before he stuck his hand in the cat dishes and he didn't hurt the cat then we crawled back into the hallway and into the bathroom where he thought the trash can was very interesting especially the plastic bag lining it. From there we crawled into the living room through the kitchen and ended up in the dining room by the trash cans. It was fun and I loved spending quality time with him like that. It is such a gift from God to be able to stay at home with Wesley!! Wesley also has begun biting me while we nurse and it HURTS! Thankfully I read some tips about how to deal with that online and found that he is doing it when he is done nursing and gets bored so I've been able to stop nursing before he bites lately. Right now Nick is hooking up a new TV he got because of our tax refund. And Wesley is sleeping. He had a long fun day and got to have a bunch of other babies over for a playgroup this morning. Tomorrow we will be having a visit for the Parents as Teachers program we're involved with.


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One day, two big firsts

Date: Saturday January 26, 2008
Time: 4:32 PM
Mood: Mom - Proud ,
Current Nickname: Cub-y Mc Love-y

This morning. Nick and I both weren't feeling very well so Nick got up and spent the first part of the morning with Wesley so that I could try to sleep in a little since I'd been up all night with him. He woke up several times hungry! Lately it seems his appetite is increasing. Anyway after I got up around 10 and Wesley was up from his first nap we tried giving him some fruit puffs for the first time! I've heard different things on when to start finger foods but the general range seems to be 6 -9 months. On the package of the puffs it says that one of the ways you know if baby is ready is if they are crawling. So we tried it and he made the cutest face ever! He didn't know what to think about it and wondered why I had put that puff into his mouth! We didn't get any pictures but we did video tape it. Anyway it was so cute to see his reaction and thankfully he didn't choke or anything. We gave him a couple more at dinner too and he seems to like them ok but still is getting used to the chewing motion he has to do to eat them. He even used his teeth a little!
After he ate his breakfast he was on the floor crawling around and lately he has been trying to lift his leg under him when he is crawling and ends up sliding backwards. He looked like he was trying to sit from being in a crawling position. And sure enough this morning he was at it again and I called Nick over to see because he looked so close to getting into a sitting position and we both got to see Cub sit up by himself! I cheered and congratulated him and he looked at me like "what, what did I do?" It was sweet and thankfully my sweetie was fast with the camera and we got a picture of him sitting before he toppled over a minute later. I am so proud of him!! Wesley is growing up so fast! Praise the Lord that he is healthy and strong and doing so well!


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Wesley's first big trip

Date: Tuesday January 22, 2008
Time: 7:05 PM
Mood: Loved,
Current Nickname: Wesley Cublette

Wesley's Great Grandpa died January 4 2008. Wesley never met him which is extra sad since he is named after him too. Anyway we all went up to visit after getting the news and it went well. I was a bit concerned how Wesley would do with such a long car ride but he handled it well. He napped that morning for 2 hours before we left home which is great because he was so excited to be meeting new people and be in a new place that he didn't nap while we were there except for about 20 minutes. Anyway Wesley got to meet his grandpa for the first time and it was also my first time meeting Nick's dad as well. And he got to meet all his other family too: 2 great grandmas, 2 great aunts and a 2nd cousin. It was such a blessing to be able to go up and visit everyone and let them all meet Wesley but we wish we would have made the trip a month or so sooner and been there on a happier note. Wesley's 2nd cousin held him most of the time and he loved that. The best part of the trip for everyone though had to have been seeing Nick's dad. It was so wonderful for me to finally meet him and I'm glad that he was able to visit with Wesley and Nick and his brother and sister. All in all it was a good trip but grandpa was/is very missed.


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Baby Teeth!

Date: Tuesday January 22, 2008
Time: 6:55 PM
Mood: Sentimental,
Current Nickname: Toothy Tootherson

Wesley cub has 2 teeth coming in! On Saturday I felt a tooth in his mouth and on Monday night when he opened his mouth up really wide I just happened to catch a glimpse that it was in fact two teeth not one! Then later that night it occurred to me that he has two teeth coming in and we don't have a baby toothbrush yet! Today I took Wesley to Babies R Us and we picked out his very first toothbrush and toothpaste set. (Baby einistien) We video taped brushing his teeth for the first time tonight and Wesley seemed to enjoy it and not be bothered by it at all. His toothpaste is mixed berry flavored and is clear. I have never brushed anyone else's teeth before so it was interesting but fun too because Wesley didn't mind and it's amazing he is already that grown up!


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My very special 4 am wake up call

Date: Sunday January 13, 2008
Time: 6:24 PM
Mood: Mom-sentimental,
Current Nickname: Cuddly Cub

At about 4 am this morning over the baby monitor I heard Wesley begin to cry to tell me he is awake. It has been his habit the past week or so to wake me up around 4 and then I'll nurse him back to sleep until 6 or so when we get up for the day. Anyway I hear him and being very tired I think to myself ooh maybe he'll change his mind and go back to sleep a moment later I hear "Mom, Mom" and oh it was so sweet!! It took me a few moments to get up but what a wonderful sound to hear! I love how he says "Mom" I hope I can get it on video tape soon so I'll always be able to hear it in his sweet baby voice. And he says "Mom" not "mama" it's so cute and crystal clear. He was saying it at the zoo too and in the car he says it a lot and I LOVE it!!! Of course he's usually tired or hungry or wants to be held when he says it though.

OH and the other day I think it may have been Saturday night , yeah it was anyhow Wesley and I were on the floor playing with his toys and I put the toy facing him so I could get up and do something and he looked after it like he was going to go play with it but then he made noise and turned back to face me and I still had not gotten up and he says "Ma" and tried to crawl up my lap ( which he is still working on doing but is able to show he wants to be picked up.) so I picked him up and he immediately puked all over me! LOL


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Posted On: Friday January 18, 2008 at 6:23 PM


The Zoo and more

Date: Sunday January 13, 2008
Time: 6:15 PM
Mood: sleepy,
Current Nickname: Wesliness

Saturday was a perfect day! We had such a great morning and then headed off to the Zoo for the first time with Wesley. When we got there we stopped and had lunch and then went on to see the animals on one half of the zoo after that we made our way to the gift shop and picked up a stuffed animal for Cub. We were hoping to get an anteater but they didn't have any soft ones. We found a tiger and let Wesley pick if he wanted the big or small version of it, of course he chose the big one that cost $4 more. But being his first time to the zoo and all that was fine with us. We had to take the tag off it's ear so he could keep sucking on it and pay for it.

After that we finished the rest of the Zoo and came back around and picked up some kettle corn before heading home. We spent 3 hours at the zoo and Wesley did so well. Although he did not nap the whole time and only napped about 20 minutes in the car on the way home! So all in all he spent 7 hours awake in a row! We were very amazed and doubly so being that he was so good. Today he has had extra naps to make up for it and even some how got me to fall asleep while holdng him in his rocking chair! The Zoo was so much fun we want to take him to the phoenix zoo now too. We saw so many animals and a peacock even walked so close to Cub in his stroller it's tail feathers brushed up against his feet. He didn't seem to really notice though because he was too busy looking at it. We wanted to feed the Giraffes but Cub was so tired that he was fidgety and thought everything was hilarious so he was cracking up and it was so cute and funny! ( He got everyone's attention ) But they had a sign up saying to feed the giraffes you need to be still and quite so we decided not to stay for that and to tray again later.

We saw the polar bears but they weren't in the water part of their enclosure instead they were in the dirt chewing on the fence and stuff. I think that's the first time I've seen them on land. We also so the lions and otters and they were all sleeping. It was very cute. We think Wesley's favorite part of the zoo was the stroller tray. He kept leaning forward and sucking on it. He is such a sweet little boy and it was a wonderful day. We thank the Lord for blessing us with a great family trip and memory to cherish.


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Mom Mom Mom!!!

Date: Thursday January 10, 2008
Time: 6:18 PM
Mood: Wants Mom!,
Current Nickname: Kissy Kissy Wesliness-y

Today I put cub down for a nap and he got kinda irritated that I wasn't going to hold him while he slept. so he started to get up on his hands and knees in his crib (He does that now and is crawling after toys!! Ill post more about that later...) and began talking/crying. I kept hearing him say Ma ma mom it was cool but I thought eh it may just be a coincidence it's been a couple weeks since I first heard him say Ma-M but it was just when he was laying down babbling so I didn't think he knew what it meant yet.

So anyway after that the day continued and after dinner I put him down in his jumper so I could clean up by this time though he was very sleepy and was kinda fussing so he didn't want me to put him down and began crying and talking again and again he said Ma-M! Mom! Ma! Then I picked him up and after he settled down we were having fun and he was smiling and I pointed to him and said Wesley then to me and said Mom and asked who's your Mom? Where's Mom? and he smiled really big and touched my face ! he did it about 3 times too! It was so cute!

I Think he may really have made the connection I am so excited I am looking forward to when He says mom not just when he is crying!


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Favorite Foods

Date: Thursday January 10, 2008
Time: 6:09 PM
Mood: Silly,
Current Nickname: My Cub Cub Cub that I love love love

Wesley's all time favorite food so far is green beans!
He also likes squash and peas

Carrots are ok
bananas not so much (funny thing is they made me nauseous when I was pregnant.)
Peaches are about the same as bananas
Oatmeal is too boring
Rice cereal is icky
Guacamole is yummy (he only had a tiny bit it was cute he made a face and then wanted more!)
but some how Avocado is just not that great! (I used our brand new food processor today and made Wesley some avocado and he ate it but didn't like it all that much. So I added some more water because I thought he might like that better and then he just spit it out.)

All in all he seems to be a vegetable kinda guy, and isn't really interested in fruits. I ordered a book on making your own baby food but it still hasn't come yet its been almost 2 weeks!! I also ordered these nifty little baby food Tupperware thingies.


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Wesley's 6 month Checkup -First Foods

Date: Tuesday January 1, 2008
Time: 2:42 PM
Mood: adventurous,
Current Nickname: Bravest little cub

Wesley had his 6 month checkup 6 days early because we are changing insurance providers. He measured 26 inches long and 15.4 pounds and his head circumference is 43 cm. He is in the 50th percentile for everything except weight which is 25th probably because he's been sick and not eating a whole lot. His appointment went well and his pediatrician said it was alright to give him his shots that day since he didn't have his fever anymore. She also said it would be fine to start him on solid foods like rice cereal. Wesley did very well with his shots. His daddy didn't go to this appointment because he was at his new job.

I held Wesley while they gave him his shots and he of course cried but I am so proud of him because he only cried for about a minute and by the time we left he had smiled and was calm. (not even 5 minutes later) He did so well!

That night when his daddy got home we gave Wesley his first taste of rice cereal. He had had apple juice the week before Christmas because he was constipated and the doctor's office told us to try it to see if it would help. It did he pooped the next morning! And since then he has yet to ever be constipated again even though he has not had apple juice in a long time because he really didn't like it we gave it to him 3 days in a row and he only really drank any of it that first time. When we were at his appointment though the doctor said to not give him anymore juice and to just try pears or peaches or prunes if he gets backed up again. :)

Anyway he seemed to really like the rice cereal that first night but by 2 days later he wasn't really liking it anymore. I think because he was getting frustrated that it seemed almost exactly like his formula and he is able to feed that to himself so he was like why are we doing it this way it's taking longer! So we decided halfway through a meal to break out a vegetable instead and his dad brought over the sweet potatoes and Wesley loved them!

Yesterday he also tried green beans for the first time. And he likes those even better than the sweet potatoes he ate almost the whole jar of green beans and that was after already having some sweet potatoes. It seems each food he tries he likes better than the last one so far. I am wondering if he will like applesauce since he didn't really care for apple juice. We also have been trying him on sippy cups with water or formula and he is able to drink from them but it's slower so he doesn't really like it. I don't think he much gets the drinking for thirst not hunger thing yet.

He is so cute when he tries to feed himself the other day he started licking the bowl of sweet potatoes! I think next we will let him try a fruit probably bananas.

So far he is still just having commercial baby food because we have yet to buy a food processor or go grocery shopping for veggies yet. We haven't really done much grocery shopping lately because we've all been sick in fact tonight is the first night since before Christmas that I'm actually making dinner. Since we don't have much on hand I'm experimenting in the crock pot with some boneless pork ribs, bbq sauce, olive oil and onions. I figure we'll do pulled pork sandwiches hope it turns out alright. Cub will of course be having some more green beans.


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Wesley's first Christmas Eve and Christmas

Date: Tuesday January 1, 2008
Time: 11:51 AM
Mood: Sick :( ,
Current Nickname: Sweetest little Cub

On December 23rd we went out to eat with family and Wesley got to sit in his brand new travel high chair at the restaurant for the first time (other than at home to practice) And he did really well. We had so much fun at dinner and got to meet another little baby boy about 2 months younger than Wesley. When we got home we laid cub down in his bed and noticed he felt warm turns out he had a fever! He ended up being sick with a fever for 3 days! It was so sad to see him have a fever ( with no other symptoms like a runny nose or anything) on his first Christmas.

Nick and I have been looking forward to Wesley's first Christmas for so long. Last Christmas when I was still pregnant with Wesley that was all we could think about was this past Christmas, and what it would be like to have him here. Wesley is so amazing though. Even with a fever of just under 102 most of the time he was smiling and happy when he was awake and he even wanted to open (and did) his presents. On Christmas Eve we went over to Nana's house. It was really special to be able to bring Wesley over to his great grandma's for his first Christmas eve because it has been a family tradition to do Christmas eve at her house ever since I was a little girl! Wesley loved eating the wrapping paper and tissue paper and Nana gave him a xylophone and it's his favorite toy now. On Christmas day we woke up and did stockings and presents around 8 am and Wesley still had a fever but we'd been giving him baby motrin and Tylenol off and on an it was working really well. By about 10 my brothers came over and we all made breakfast and played some games together it was the perfect way to spend Christmas morning. We're hoping we can make it a tradition too.

We loved seeing our cub play with his toys. He is so sweet even with a fever he was smiling and laughing and playing with toys!! What a special blessing Wesley is. Later in the afternoon we went over to Nick's brother's house and did a big family dinner. We loved seeing all of our family for Christmas and are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with each and every one of them.


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Wesley's new favorite bedtime song

Date: Tuesday January 1, 2008
Time: 6:46 AM
Mood: Playful,
Current Nickname: Cubby

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley Daddy does too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley Jesus does too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley your great grandmas do too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley your great grandpas do too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley your grandmas do too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley your grandpas do too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley your Uncles do too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley your Aunts do too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley your cousins do too

Wesley Wesley Mama loves you
Wesley Wesley We all love you

And if he is still awake I repeat the song but replace "mama" with "Jesus" and then "Daddy" sometimes doing it 3 times until he's asleep.
I like to end the song with:

Wesley Wesley we thank the Lord for you
Wesley Wesley so special sweet and cute too


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Two days, Two new things

Date: Sunday December 16, 2007
Time: 6:17 AM
Mood: Mom-Cheerful, Wesley-Bouncy,
Current Nickname: Wesley McWesley, so sweet and so cuddly, my little boy.....

On Friday I took Samantha and 3 other classmates of hers on a field trip to the mall to see the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. At lunch after the movie my sweetie met us in the food court with Wesley. We had a lot of fun and after we ate went to the toy store to buy a present for a birthday party the next day. While in the store my throat felt kinda scratchy so I coughed and Wesley who was on my hip got the cutest expression of surprise and interest on his face and thought it was funny. I coughed again and sure enough he was laughing! So of course everyone even a stranger all took turns pretending to cough and one by one he smiled and laughed at them. It was so cute but we did it so much that by the next day it was only slightly amusing no longer did he laugh out loud for it very much. However on Saturday morning while Nick and I were having our breakfast we let Cubby play on his tummy on the floor next to us and he has lately been trying to crawl, but this time he actually got up completely in the crawling position on his hands and both knees and took a move forward unfortunately he went chin first into the floor! I had been cheering for him because he had moved forward perfectly but when he fell we raced over to him and picked him up to comfort him because he was crying very loudly, Nick said he heard his chin smack the floor really hard and Wesley must have known what an achievement he had just made because in the middle of crying he looked up with a huge smile and calmed down quite easily too and was happy to be put back down to try again. We are so proud of his determination and love to see him put so much enthusiasm into all he does.


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What's new with the cublette

Date: Thursday December 13, 2007
Time: 7:00 PM
Mood: Content,
Current Nickname: Cubson junior laprell that is so sweet and very special

Lately Wesley has taken to touching his left ear but only maybe once a day so I don't think anything is going on like an ear infection I just think he's found his left (not right yet) ear. He also loves to be bounced up high in the air and will squeal so cutely when you do it. Even if you are in a bookstore buying Christmas presents for him :). He also loves to suck on his daddys head while he is being held on his shoulders. Oh and he managed to give one of the daycare workers at our church a hickey on his face because apparently he was still hungry one morning before the service let out!! He is sitting really well and has begun to actually go places when trying to crawl although he usually ends up sliding around backwards and it's really cute!


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Just a few of the songs I sing to Wesley everyday ....

Date: Thursday December 13, 2007
Time: 6:53 PM
Mood: Thankful,
Current Nickname: Cuteness Von Cubson

Good Morning Good Morning Wesley
How are you today?(how are you?)

Good Morning Good Morning Wesley
It's time to start your day

Good Morning Good Morning Wesley
Let's wake up and play

Good Morning Good Morning Wesley
We're gonna have such a fun (or good) day today!

I Love you! :)

Wesley wesley wesley bear
Wesley wesley everywhere

Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie
Wesley is my sweet little guy

Wesley wesley wesley cub
Wesley wesley that I love

I love wesley yes I do
Wesley wesley your mama she loves you
Wesley wesley I love you
Wesley wesley your daddy he does too

I love wesley yes I do
Wesley wesley your so cute
Wesley is my little boy
Wesley is his mama's pride and joy

Cubson cubson that I love
cubby cubby cubby cub


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Rub a dub, dub fun in the tub!

Date: Friday November 30, 2007
Time: 7:01 PM
Mood: Happy,
Current Nickname: Hip Cat

Last night Wesley was sitting up in the tub and I took his right hand and dropped it in the water to make a splash. He is used to splashing on purpose with his feet already but he hasn't tried his hands yet so we gave it a try and he seemed to like it and kept reaching back behind himself to get my hand to have me do it for him again. But he wouldn't do it on his own . So I did it a few times and then his Daddy took his left hand and dropped it in the water and Wesley started laughing! Of course we kept doing it because it was so cute to see him having fun and enjoying it. He kept laughing and squealing mostly at the left hand more than his right. He even laughed when we would make splashes in the tub with our hands alone. He splashed with his hands a few times but it was really more because he was reaching for his toy turtle. It was the first time Wesley has laughed in the tub I think because he is usually really serious looking in the tub even though he enjoys it. Thanks to my sweetie we got it all on tape and can watch it anytime we want! :)

Wesley has also been able to find hidden toys whether we hide them in front of him or they get lost in the bubbles of the tub! He also knows when he drops something that it is on the floor and will stare at it waiting for you to pick it back up. He loves to be read too and loves to turn the pages and try to close the book so he can bring it to his mouth for a tasting. And he recognizes his bottle and will reach for it and usually try to grab it from you as you go to feed him. He also usually sits upright to eat from his bottles now too.

Tonight we went grocery shopping at frys and decided to try Wesley in his shopping cart seat cover for the first time, since he is doing so well sitting at home in the bath and to play. Usually when we go grocery shopping we end up having to carry Wesley through the store because he doesn't like to be in his stroller or car seat on top of the cart because he isn't at eye level or is too far reclined to see peoples faces well.

Tonight we put him in the shopping cart seat and he loved it! He didn't need to be picked up to be held at all and was really good. He was even up past his bedtime and barely complained at all. It was so great to see him having so much fun looking at everything and everyone. When we pulled up to the checkout lane there was a magazine cover that featured a dog with a wreath around its neck with its tongue sticking out, Wesley loved looking at it and smiling and talking to the photo of the dog it was really sweet! We are so proud of him for being able to sit up so well in the shopping cart and even got a couple pictures of it on my cell phone.


From: Not Nick
Posted On: Thursday December 6, 2007 at 2:24 PM

Wesley is the cutest baby ever born!

Wesley Is growing up so fast

Date: Tuesday November 27, 2007
Time: 6:23 PM
Mood: Sleepy,
Current Nickname: Cubby that I love-y

Wesley sits and plays all the time now! He can sit by himself and play with both hands it's amazing to watch. He has so much fun. He especially likes to sit in the bath and reach for the bubbles and eat them! I hope he won't make himself sick doing that.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was really nice to be able to share Wesley's first Thanksgiving with so much of our family. My sweetie made 4 pumpkin pies and they were all really good especially the white pumpkin pies which were a first. They tasted just like regular pumpkin pie only not as rich kinda a lighter taste.

Unfortunately Wesley cub came down with his first cold! He was sneezing a lot on Thanksgiving and by the next day it was clear he had a cold. He has been a trooper though and is handling it well. He is still his usual cheery self and has been playing a lot too. His Daddy makes sure there is plenty of water in his vaporizer before we took Wesley in at night and it has been working well.

Oh and it was so cute on Thanksgiving morning we put Wesley in his swing while Nick and I had breakfast and Wesley was leaning as far forward as he could and putting his arm over the edge of the swing and was doing his best not to take his morning nap. By the time breakfast was done he had himself so far forward his face was on the tray of the swing and he fell asleep like that for an hour! We have such cute photos of it too it was hilarious!

Wesley has such determination that every time we place him on his tummy to play he tries with all his might to crawl and he is so cute because he is so enthusiastic about it and looks so happy but you can hear him panting as he kicks his legs and flails his arms as fast as he can. He has made progress though and is so close to being able to crawl, pushing himself up on his hands and getting one knee under him so far. We wonder if he will indeed be crawling by Christmas.

We have also reached a few decisions about how we want to proceed with celebrating Christmas now that we have Wesley and are not going to be participating in the whole Santa Claus bit. We see it as taking away from the meaning of Jesus' birth and think it will be confusing to Wesley to teach him about Santa. We know many of our friends and family will not understand our decision or like it but we pray they will respect it.


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Sitting by himself

Date: Wednesday November 21, 2007
Time: 6:17 PM
Mood: Proud of Wesley,
Current Nickname: Cubson Junior Deluxe, Who I love so much!

Today Wesley and I went to the library's story time for babies. The group was for babies up to 18 months old and Wesley was by far the youngest one there. All the other babies could already walk and the next youngest were 14 month old twins. I put Wesley down on his blanket to sit and he had his laughing butterfly toy and a mirror book to look at. He lost balance a couple times but then from 2:30 to 2:36pm he sat all by himself! He put his weight on his right hand and used his left to play and just sat there happily looking around at the other babies too. In fact he would have sat on his own longer but I picked him up to wipe his face and hold him and he kinda whined at me for picking him up because he was having so much fun!


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Been a while since the last entry

Date: Tuesday November 20, 2007
Time: 7:39 PM
Mood: Mom- calm Wesley- sleeping,
Current Nickname: Pumpkin pie ala mode, in the sky, on the road, Oh No! :) -He's just so cute it kept growing .....

Well it has been a long time since I've had a chance to write a blog! Wesley is doing great! He babbles all the time and sometimes it sounds like he is saying mom but it's just a coincidence I'm sure. Wesley's cousin Michele has picked up sign language and it's amazing to see. So we are starting to use some signs around Wes as well Such as Mommy and I love you. It will be a while before he will be able to sign back but it doesn't hurt to get in the habit of doing it.

We are still having some issues with nap time but over all things with sleep are good he can now go the entire night without eating! Today a friend came over with the little boy she takes care of during the days and Wesley got to see another baby crawl, stand, sit and walk! He was amazed. I think it was motivating for him to see an older baby doing things like that. We put Wesley to sit while the other baby was also and he was able to keep his balance for a full minute the longest ever so far!

We also began a program called "Parents as teachers" Where a child development specialist does monthly visits with us for free until Wesley is 3 years old. She had a checklist of things to look for until age 5 and a half months and Wesley is already doing everything on the list. Wesley has also discovered his feet particularly his big toes are fun to play with. And tries to eat them all the time. He can also now use his Exersaucer with out a blanket behind him and books under his feet.

At his 4 month Dr. appointment we found out that the reason Wesley kept getting scratches on his face was not because his nails were too long but because he has eczema and it is extremely itchy and he would just go at his face at night. So now we have to apply ointment to his face and it has worked no big scratches for almost 2 weeks!

Wesley is also getting a bath everyday now as opposed to every other day like before. And he seems to enjoy bath time more now as a result.

Wesley's Baby Dedication was November 10th at our church and everyone said he looked very cute in his suit. Especially when he was eating his tie! It was such a great experience to have our family and friends accompany us to church that night as we publicly thanked our Lord for blessing us with Wesley. We know we can never thank God enough for choosing us to be Wesley's parents and pray the Lord will guide us in raising him according to His will .


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No more swaddle blankets for Wesley

Date: Friday November 2, 2007
Time: 9:08 AM
Mood: Cheerful,
Current Nickname: Pumpkin pie in the sky

On Halloween night we received a package in the mail from Wesley's great grandma. It was a check and a teddy bear dressed in pajamas with a note saying she was thinking of us and wanted us to get something for Wesley, even though it wasn't for any particular occasion. We had lots of fun celebrating with family and forgot about the check. The next morning Wesley woke me up at the usual time about 6 am so I calmly started making his bottle and getting ready for his breakfast as I would any other day. I took about 5 minutes. All the while I could hear him cooing and calling for me but he wasn't crying. When I made it to his doorway I could see him up against the bars of the crib which is normal for him but I couldn't make out his face, which isn't. I hurried over to the crib and could see him still swaddled but now on his tummy! He had managed to flip over from his back on to his tummy even though he was swaddled. I picked him up spun him around to face me and held him close and he instantly went quiet. I held him in my arms and nursed him and he fell right back to sleep for a few minutes in my arms before he had his bottle and we began the day. Needless to say it was very scary for me and we aren't using the swaddle blankets any longer. I am so proud of Wesley for being so strong and patient, keeping his head up and calling for me until I got there. I know our Lord sent his angels to watch over him and keep him safe. Wesley is so blessed by God to have the strength he has. I now know why we received the unexpected check in the mail. The Lord sent it so we would be able to replace Wesley's swaddle blankets with new baby sleepers that let his arms be free. Wesley and I spent the day yesterday practicing napping without being swaddled and he did very well! His naps were shorter and it took some getting used too mostly because the routine had changed. At bedtime it took about an hour and a half to get him to stay asleep in his crib and we put on some music and rocked him and he even used a pacifier for a little while. (He normally doesn't use them) after that though he slept an amazing 7 and a half hours before waking up to eat! We are very proud of him and quite impressed that he made the switch so well. God has answered our prayers to keep Wesley safe and to help him sleep. We are very thankful and very blessed!


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Rolling Over the Other Way

Date: Tuesday October 30, 2007
Time: 8:32 PM
Mood: Mom-Proud, Wesley-Amazed,
Current Nickname: Wesley McCubson

Yesterday at about 2pm I was brushing my teeth and Nick came into the bathroom with Wesley and said "guess what Wesley just did?!" and told me Wesley had just rolled over from his back to his tummy! I was so excited and told Wesley I was so proud of him and he could tell I was happy and started smiling and looking at me like "I know your happy about something and I'm not sure what but I'll be happy too anyway..." It was really cute! I'm so glad that Nick got to see it. I am hoping that I will soon too.


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oops I almost forgot ....

Date: Friday October 26, 2007
Time: 7:28 PM
Mood: Cheerful,
Current Nickname: Wesley of the Wigglettes

Last night Wesley slept over 11 hours ( 11 hours and 15 minutes ) before waking up to eat!! I could hardly believe it. What an accomplishment. :)


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Learning everyday

Date: Friday October 26, 2007
Time: 7:26 PM
Mood: Mom & Wesley : Cheerful,
Current Nickname: Wesley Cubletterson Junior LaPrell

Wednesday I took Wesley to a playgroup for new moms with babies up to 7 months old. But no one other than us and the instructor ( it's sponsored by a parenting organization ) showed up so we had her all to ourselves. She watched Wesley play and we talked and she had me put Wesley in a sitting position to practice that since I told her one of his favorite things is standing and we haven't really tried sitting much because he always wants to stand instead. Anyway he actually sat by himself with out support on the floor for almost a minute before I had to catch him! She said that was early for him to be able to do that as well as how he is doing on his tummy time.

I told her I heard babies are supposed to become fascinated with their hands and stare at them and that he doesn't do that but he is very purposeful in his movements with them and she agreed by watching him and said that he must have discovered them a long time ago and I remember back to his 1st month and he was doing things on purpose with his hands so we think he is just too busy using them to stop and stare.

I think he has already discovered his feet also and is too busy using them to sit and hold them. He has been great at standing for about 2 months now and already purposely will use them to turn on the music on his tummy time mat. And today for the first time he purposely used his legs and feet to splash in the tub over and over again. Not to mention he is quite good at using them to scoot around while on his back especially at night in his crib we always find him upside down with his head pressed against the bars!

We are having so much fun re discovering the world with Wesley. It is so amazing to watch him learn new things. We are continuing to try and practice sitting with him but he always pushes himself back up to a standing position because he has already learned he can see a lot more while standing and thinks sitting is kinda dull. I am hoping he will get steady enough with sitting on his own soon so he can enjoy sitting in a shopping cart because he isn't really into being in his car seat in stores because he is leaned back and can't see as much. Often we end up carrying him so he can look around. I know he would love sitting in the cart and checking things out.


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Recent events

Date: Tuesday October 23, 2007
Time: 7:17 PM
Mood: Mom-Tired,Wesley-Sleeping in his crib,
Current Nickname: Pumpkin(pie)

Our Pumpkin is doing so well. Hard to believe he is coming up on 4 months old already. We are having so much fun being parents. On Saturday for Nick's 27th birthday we took Wesley to a you pick it pumpkin farm. It was about 90 degrees outside and the pediatrician's office told us not to use sunblock on Wesley. We were worried he might get too hot since we had to put him in long sleeves and a hat. But he did really well. We only stayed outside for about an hour. Nick's side of our family all went with us and we all had so much fun! Everyone even got to hear Wesley laugh over his baby monitor when we were getting ready to go. We are looking forward to going back next year when he is older and will be able to walk around and pick out a pumpkin. We also think Wesley has begun teething. His top gums feel rocky and he drools a lot. We have bought him a few teething rings but he seems to enjoy sucking on his fingers better. Also on Friday we took Wesley to a bowling alley for a few hours for a get together with Nick's old co-workers. We all had a lot of fun. Especially Wesley who loved being passed around and held by everyone. He even let out his first laugh for someone other than Nick or I (Bryce) and has been doing it a lot ever since. He was so good in the bowling alley too he even took 2 naps there! Last night (Monday) we went to Church and Wesley was smiling and laughing at another baby his friend Connor who is just 5 weeks older than him. Wesley's favorite toys are his exerciser, lamb and laughing butterfly which he will smile at when it laughs! He is currently working on trying to roll over from his back to his tummy and comes quite close. I think it will happen soon. When he is in his exerciser ( walker that is stationary ) he turns around and plays with each toy. He is so cute because there is one toy that is a wire with beads and he will push them all to the center and if one falls back down he will push it back with the other two each time!


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Making progress with naps

Date: Tuesday October 9, 2007
Time: 12:08 PM
Mood: Mom-Thankful, Wesley-Napping in his crib,
Current Nickname: Wesley McWeslersons

Our usual morning routine after Daddy leaves for work is that I put Wesley down on the tummy time mat to play, go to the bathroom and get ready to exercise then put Wesley in his swing while I'm on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Wesley then naps in the swing during my exercise/shower time and is usually awake and ready to be fed just as I'm finishing up getting dressed.

Well Today I left him on his mat on his back this time since he wasn't into being on his tummy as I went to get ready. By the time I came back into the living room he was asleep! It was so cute because we've been having trouble with his nap time. Although he's pretty good about always napping in his swing in the morning all the other naps during the day have been kinda difficult off and on because he would prefer to nurse to fall asleep and then not be moved.

I am so proud of him for putting himself to sleep! What a cute little guy! Right now he is napping in his crib. We just got in from a walk about an hour ago and he was wanting me to hold him as he napped. He cried a little bit about being put in the crib but eventually he gave into his tiredness and the mobile above him. :)


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What a Great Weekend !

Date: Monday October 8, 2007
Time: 11:39 AM
Mood: Mom-cheerful, Wesley-napping,
Current Nickname: Wesley Pie (ala mode)

This weekend was really great! We got an early start because Nick was let off of work early on Friday so we headed down to visit his sister and Wesley got to meet a dog for the first time! Her new dog "Odie". We had a lot of fun and Wesley even laughed for his Aunt! (3 times)

Saturday Was also great. We all took a walk as a family in the morning. The weather was so nice. It was cool and breezy. Wesley even has been wearing his hat on our walks regularly without complaining. We also took Wesley in for some more professional pictures which we should have back on the 25th.

Sunday was a big day for Wesley ,He was wearing his football outfit from his Grandpa for the first time and He went to the nursery in Church for the first time! He did really well and although I missed him it was a lot easier to hear the service and pay attention. I was so glad to pick him up after though. After church we stopped by Costco and picked up some photos and had lunch then came home and put Wesley down to play on his tummy and we were so surprised because he managed to actually crawl kinda!! We got it on video too. It was so cool he stretched his arms out in front of him and put his head down then pushed off with his feet and but in the air and moved forward! He made it from the middle of the mat to the edge where his mirror was and then Nick put a toy down off the mat and he kept going towards it. He moved a good 2 feet forward! It was amazing. With the determination he has he might be all over our house soon. :) What a delight it is to be his parents! After that we painted most of the train for his room while he napped in his swing. Later we met up with our family for dinner and ice cream. It was so much fun to see everyone and Wesley was super good in both the restaurant and Ice cream shop. He even was good on the ride home and slept in His own room for the very first time too! We bought him his own vaporizer so he wouldn't get congested and hooked up our baby monitor, He slept 8 hours straight before I got him up to nurse because I had started leaking. And he slept another hour after that. What a wonderful blessing He is to us. God is so good! Check out the slideshow for photos of Wesley being put to bed in his own room for the first time.


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Wesley is 3 months old already!

Date: Thursday October 4, 2007
Time: 6:46 PM
Mood: Mom-relaxed, Wesley -Sleeping,
Current Nickname: McCubblette with Cheese

Wow Wesley is 3 months old now! Time never went this fast when I was pregnant. He is growing a lot right now and has been doing a bunch of sleeping. I think he is trying to get out of the 25th percentile for height this week. Wesley can now sleep for up to 9 hours at night! His first time was last weekend.

He also has become very good at giving us "the lip" instead of crying usually now he will stick out his lower lip and make the I'm going to cry in a minute face if he is unhappy. Although usually it doesn't get to the crying because he gives us enough time after "the lip" to fix whatever is wrong. ( Which is really cool )

This past weekend Wesley was in his "I love mommy" shirt and I was holding him and we went into the kitchen where his Daddy was making his morning coffee and he gave Wesley a bunch of kisses all at once and Wesley gave him "the lip" so Nick said to him " I'm sorry" but since it is so cute when Wesley does that he started kissing him all over again and of course Wesley made the face and so Nick says "I'm sorry I couldn't help it I just wanted to see the lip again." And right then Wesley stuck out his lip a third time it was soo cute!

Then later that same night I was giving Wesley to Nick to put his PJ's on him and Wesley started crying as soon as he was in his Dad's arms. So Nick handed him back to me and he stopped crying! We did it again and the same thing. It was really funny and cute. Although I'm sure if it was reversed I'd have been kinda hurt!

Everyday with Wesley is really fun. I love being his mom. We have a few routines throughout the day and it's nice to be able to look forward to things like our daily walks around the neighborhood.


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Three New Firsts for Wesley

Date: Thursday September 27, 2007
Time: 7:41 PM
Mood: Mom-Cheerful, Wesley-Sleeping,
Current Nickname: Cubson Jr.

1. Last night Wesley and I were in the nursing mother's room of our church and as the service was nearing the end he was looking up at me with this certain smile on his face that he gets when he is about to laugh. I tickled his neck and he let out this huge loud and long laugh but just as he started to laugh everyone started praying! Thankfully he didn't disturb anyone. He was so cute he even kept laughing when I wasn't tickling him just because I was looking at him still. He's only recently started to laugh on his own without being tickled the first time was in his bouncy chair a few days ago. So sweet to hear him laughing in church!

2. Last night was also when Wesley slept the entire night without waking up to eat. He's been a pretty good sleeper for a while. The first time he slept 6 hours was in August but He still had to wake up for a bottle and to nurse twice during the night. For a couple weeks now he's only required 1 feeding at night and no bottle. But last night he slept 8 hours straight before I woke up realizing he hadn't awoken me. I got up and checked to make sure he was still breathing and went back to bed and he woke me up 40 minutes later! He has since been napping a lot today. He even took a two hour nap from 2:30 - 4:30 this afternoon which is very unlike him. Usually he naps for 25 minutes at a time. He must be growing!

3. Today Wesley and I visited Daddy at work. We had lots of fun showing him off to everyone. We've been looking forward to bringing him in for a while but today the timing finally worked out well and we were able to visit with everyone there for about an hour. Although a few people we were hoping to see weren't there. Wesley was very good and napped in the car on the way there and back. But he did have to eat while we were visiting with everyone so his daddy gave him his bottle as we went around from desk to desk. It was really sweet to watch Wesley enjoy meeting everyone and see him staring at everything too. We hope to bring him back in for another visit when he is a little older. Check out the slide show for a picture of Wesley at Daddy's desk.


From: Tina
Posted On: Wednesday October 3, 2007 at 12:42 PM

It was great seeing you both at the office. Too bad that I was in a Sprint planning session though. Would have loved to spend more time visiting. He is just adorable! Come back soon!

Favorite cute things about Wesley I don't want to forget Part 2

Date: Wednesday September 26, 2007
Time: 9:45 AM
Mood: Mom-sentimental, Wesley-Sleepy,
Current Nickname: Cubby of the Cublette persuasion

6. How he has become fascinated with my mouth and will grab it when I'm talking,
7. and how he will stare at my shirt and pick it up and feel it over and over again
8. How he smiles and raises an eyebrow to mirror baby
9. How he loves to watch me point out his nose and mouth and mine and will even "answer" when I ask him "Wesley, where's your nose?" or other body part. It always gets his full attention. And usually if I tickle him after he will laugh really hard!
10. His I'm about to cry face and whimper, He looks like an old man. It's so adorable.


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Wesley is so cute

Date: Tuesday September 25, 2007
Time: 7:22 PM
Mood: Mom-amazed, Wesley-wide awake ,
Current Nickname: Wesley Cub

Wesley is still awake although it is past his bedtime probably because he was sleeping much of the day due to being up late last night since we were at our Monday night group for church til about 9 p.m. Anyway we went ahead and let him play on the floor on his tummy again and he figured out that he could reach his toy lion by pulling his blanket towards him! What a cuteness.


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Who says 2 months is too young to crawl

Date: Tuesday September 25, 2007
Time: 2:22 PM
Mood: Mom-Happy, Wesley-Energetic,
Current Nickname: Wesley Burger With Cheese

Wesley was on his tummy and saw this toy lion I placed in front of him. He began pushing with his legs and pulling with his arms and even reached out to try to grab the toy. Only 2 months old and already he is wishing he could crawl! so cute!! Eventually he ended up rolling over instead of crawling. In fact he rolled over 4 times in only 15 minutes!


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Wesley's Bedtime Routine!

Date: Saturday September 22, 2007
Time: 8:24 PM
Mood: Mom-Thankful, Wesley-Sleeping,
Current Nickname: The Cuteness that is Wesley

Nick and I just finished putting our little miracle down for the night. He is so sweet. For about a month now Wesley has recognized that when we swaddle him it's time for bed, At first he wasn't always pleased by this but during the past few weeks he has really grown to enjoy having a bedtime routine and will let us know when he is up past his bedtime! Here is how we tuck our little one in.

At about 6 P.m. Daddy puts him in his pajamas (we call them his "jams") and a fresh diaper then hands him to Mama for a bottle and a burping. By 630 or so he is being swaddled and it's so cute because he will smile and even put his arms at his side because he recognizes the quicker he is swaddled the quicker he receives his "bedtime boobie" (breast feeds). Usually Daddy thinks he is so cute all swaddled up that he takes too long to bring Wesley over to nurse and Wesley will get a little fussy. As soon as he's in my arms he jumps on the boobie as quick as he can and will nurse for about 20 minutes or so and fall asleep around 7.

Then Daddy and I will quietly walk him to his bassinet which is still in our room and while standing beside it and still holding Wesley and each other we say a bedtime prayer to thank our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for answering our prayers and making us a family. Then we kiss him on the head and tell him "no baby-mares" (he's unfortunately inherited nightmares from his mom, although it is kinda cute..) and lay him down with his "womb sounds" teddy bear.

Most nights it takes all our strength not to reach down and pick him back up and cuddle him again because he is so adorable when he is sleeping!

As a side note: I also finally got to capture his laugh on video We're so thankful we will always be able to hear his cute baby laugh!


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God is quick to answer even the simplest of prayers!

Date: Tuesday September 18, 2007
Time: 11:43 AM
Mood: Excited,
Current Nickname: Wesley Von Rollinksi

This morning about 10:30 am I put Wesley down on his play mat while I went to fix a bottle. When I got back he was still content even though he had been telling me he was hungry just moments before so I decided to let him stay on his tummy for a while and just in case got out the video camera. The last 2 times Wesley has rolled over I've missed it by turning my back for just a minute so I was praying to God to please let me see and be able to record the next time Wesley rolled over. Instantly God answered my prayer and I got to see and capture Wesley rolling over! God is so good to us! Today Wesley was also wearing his "not too little to giggle" shirt and started smiling and laughing at me when I was holding him and sticking out my tongue. It was so cute! I started tickling his neck and he laughed even more. We are having a very fun day today. I love being a stay at home mommy to Wesley and getting to enjoy all these special moments with him. What a true blessing!


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Favorite cute things about Wesley I don't want to forget Part 1

Date: Monday September 17, 2007
Time: 9:27 AM
Mood: Peaceful,
Current Nickname: Sleepy Sleepersons

1. How he rubs his eyes when he's sleepy
2. and lifts his arms straight up when he's done eating or just waking as if to say "pick me up and hold me ."
3. When he falls asleep while nursing he often lets go but keeps sucking in his sleep
4. he talks,laughs and smiles in his sleep and startles and has baby mares too (nightmares)
5.The way he clings to me when eating and often stops just to look up at me with a big smile and coos


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Rolling Over Some More

Date: Thursday September 13, 2007
Time: 2:24 PM
Mood: excited,
Current Nickname: Cubby-Cubletterson

Wesley Just rolled over again a few minutes ago and got so worked up it took a few minutes to calm the poor little guy down! It's so cute to see him so amazed by what he's done but kinda sad to see him get upset by it too. It took so much of his energy he had to nurse and take a nap! LOL what a cute little boy we have. I love being able to stay home and experience all his firsts with him. Praise God!


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Rolling Over -again :)

Date: Monday September 10, 2007
Time: 1:49 PM
Mood: Happy!,
Current Nickname: SuperCub

Wesley rolled over for the second time today. ( His first time was when he was just 12 days old!!) I don't think he was sure what happened because as soon as he was on his back he was crying!! poor guy one minute he was checking himself out in the mirror on his play mat the next he was on his back. LOL it was so cute! Of course I had to call Wesley's daddy right away and share the excitement even though he was busy at work...


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Wesley's first Shots (2 month check up )

Date: Saturday September 8, 2007
Time: 12:31 PM
Mood: Kinda scared of shots,
Current Nickname: Brave little cub

Wednesday September 5th Wesley went in for his 2 month checkup and at first everything went really well. Wesley loves his pediatrician. (Sosan Moussa at Catalina Pediatrics she's amazing we highly recommend her!) He smiled for her and talked to her and she said he was very cute and was very impressed to see how well he holds his head and chest up when on his tummy. She even said that at 2 months old babies are usually blobs and he seems advanced and that he must think he's 4 months old!
Then came the scary/sad part, his first shots!Poor little cub didn't know what was coming. He was holding Daddy's hand and smiling one second and screaming and turning bright red the next. It was the first time I've heard him cry like that. It made us so sad for him. It took about 5 minutes to calm him down. Thankfully he has 2 months before we have to do it all over again....


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Wesley's first Laughs

Date: Saturday September 8, 2007
Time: 12:16 PM
Mood: Excited & Happy,
Current Nickname: Wesley von Wigglerson

Thursday morning (10:50 am ) at our breastfeeding support group Wesley was awake and playful smiling and talking a lot I saw him smile and tickled his neck and he smiled really big and turned to the side and let out the most precious giggles I've ever heard!! He even did it again a minute later. Wesley is such a gift from God. We love him so much and are so thankful for him.
P.s. He just happened to be wearing his I love Mommy shirt!!!


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